Neighbours Reveal Jonathan Moi’s Uknown Side

Neighbours Reveal Jonathan Moi's Uknown Side

Various people paid tribute after news broke that former president- Daniel Arap Moi, lost his eldest son- Jonathan Moi last Saturday.

His former neighbours have since come out and made revelations that have surprised many as they painted a picture that was previously unknown.

The late JT (as he was commonly referred to) was described as a man whose doors were open as early as 6am to usher in visitors as he rarely set up formal appointments.

Speaking to the Standard, Geoffrey Kokoyo (a neighbour to the late JT) revealed that the former president’s eldest son was always curious to find out what was happening around the community and interacted face-to-face with anyone willing to give him their time.

Mzee Moi’s son Jonathan Moi pictured driving a rally car

“Jonathan was a man you could meet and talk to one-on-one. He would stop by the road, get out of his car, salute people and inquire about what was happening in the village,” Mr Kokoyo revealed.

Described as a highly private person who seldom sheltered himself in the shadow of royalty, JT is said to have carried out a lot of philanthropic work and helped solve numerous problems affecting his neighbours, choosing to maintain a low profile after helping out.

“He never revealed much and you would never hear him brag that he had helped any individual nor boast about his various community development projects, he simply did his things and walked away in silence,” Mr Kokoyo divulged.

A former councillor and neighbour- Selina Suge, affirmed Mr Kokoyo remarks and went on to reveal that the late Jonathan Moi was regarded as the father figure in the community as he was regarded by many as a mentor.

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“He would assist all people and never discriminated against anyone. Those who sought help from him never regretted,” Suge disclosed.

During times of drought. JT would open up his gates to allow his neighbours to graze their animals on his land, ensuring that no livestock was lost on his watch.

“We have lost a leader. a man who used his own resources on development programmes,” Ms Suge added.

He is credited for initiating the Koibat Highland Water project aimed at equipping the locals with knowledge on how to maintain water catchment areas as well as donating 10 acres of his personal land to facilitate the construction of Jonathan K Moi Primary School.

The late rally driver and enthusiast is said to have left an indelible mark in the lives of his villagers, with Ms Sage revealing that his mostly-unknown actions would stay with them forever.

Image of former president Daniel Arap Moi


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