May 27, 2022
A man was seen separating the two actors in a prank video posted on YouTube by vlogger Cekyn Kym on January 10, 2022
  • A prank secretly filmed in Nairobi CBD has caused an uproar online, with a number of Kenyans asking the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) and the National Police Service (NPS) to apprehend the actors. 

    In the undated video, an unsuspecting man who was roped into a fight between two ladies was captured accusing one of the women of making insensitive remarks that bordered around discrimination. 

    The man can be heard accusing the said lady of profiling the other, by labelling her a terrorist owing to her dressing. The actress dressed in white wanted to pick a fight with her co-actress who was dressed in a black hijab. 

    A man was seen separating the two actors in a prank video posted on YouTube by vlogger Cekyn Kym on January 10, 2022
    Celyn Kym

    “Why have you tied your hair? Let us see what you are hiding in this bag?” the aggressor asked, shoving around the other lady.

    “Stop, please stop. I don’t want to pick a fight with you,” the victim begged, both of them reading from a well-written script. 

    She then turned to the man who was sitting near her and claimed that the two were neither friends nor acquaintances. The ‘aggrieved’ lady further threatened to summon the police to intervene. 

    “Call them. I am ready for everything,” the main actor in the prank dared. 

    This prompted the man to separate the two and urged the lady in white to move on from the scene. 

    “You are not friends, neither are you sisters. Why do you want to fight her yet you found her sitting and enjoying her own peace. You have even labelled her a militia. 

    “Why do you want to remove her clothes? Respect her choice of dressing!” The good samaritan stepped in and reprimanded the lady in white.

    He also called on the public to assist him in de-escalating the issue. The irked man schooled the lady on the need to respect others people’s rights. 

    This confrontation attracted the attention of other people at the public park, who congregated to listen to the argument. The public narrowed down on the aggressor asking her to provide substantial evidence that the victim was part of a militia group. 

    Tempers flared and this forced the lady in white to reveal that the video was indeed a prank meant to highlight how religious women are mistreated for their dress code. 

    The original video posted by actress Celyn Kym on January 10, garnered nearly 100,000 views on YouTube. 

    The prank, however, elicited mixed reactions from viewers online, who wondered why the prankster would profile the lady just on her dressing.

    “These pranksters need to be sensitive to the public when they pull such scripts. I do not find this funny but offensive and annoying. The public might just intervene and whip the so-called prankster just because of a foolish script they are trying to enact,” Okumu Steve lamented. 

    “Pranks need to be a little bit real. Nothing like this happens in Kenya. We are very accomodating society and the person who is profiling the other is destroying our image,” Abdul Rehman spoke against discrimination. 

    “How did the lady dressed in hijab manage to be so calm?” Binti Nyaga wondered. 

    Others applauded the man for his gesture. “In that embarrassment, that man is a shining light,” one Chris lauded the gentleman who interrupted the prank video shoot. 

    Watch an excerpt the video

    terrorist suspect fight

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