August 12, 2022
File image of Thika Law Courts
Lucy Gatimu, the woman who famously interrupted Deputy President William Ruto’s speech at a church in Thika, Kiambu County in November 2019, is unable to trace her 15-year old son Peter Matthews Macharia.

Gatimu, who was caught up in a vicious battle with her landlady and police officers since allegedly being defrauded of the Ksh 50,000 token presented to her by Ruto, has been in remand at Thika Women’s Prison since Wednesday, February 5, when she last saw her son who also isn’t in school at Broadways High School as expected.

After being charged with giving false information on February 11, Gatimu is to be charged with child neglect on Wednesday, February 12. Speaking to, Gatimu cried out for help as she accused police officers in Thika of frustrating her and being behind her son’s disappearance.

File image of Thika Law Courts

According to Gatimu, her woes began when her landlady, Jane Wanjiku Nyambura, allegedly defrauded her of the Ksh 50,000 Ruto gave her after appealing for help during his speech at PCEA Makongeni Church. The landlady reportedly asked to hold on to the envelope full of money and failed to return it in subsequent weeks.

Nyambura then allegedly tried to forcefully evict Gatimu, despite having no rent arrears. Things reached a boiling point when on Saturday, February 1, a group of men stormed Gatimu’s home to kick her out. 

The aggrieved mother claimed that in the ensuing confusion, a man known to her took her son, Peter, from her arms and it was then that she filed a missing child report at Makongeni Police Station under OB number 50/01/02/2020.

She spent three days searching for her son and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers tracked a phone Peter was using to Broadways High School on the morning of Tuesday, February 4. Gatimu claimed, however, that the school principal told the officers that Peter had been dropped off that morning by strange men on a motorbike.

As proof of this, Gatimu observed that Peter had civilian clothing and was not in uniform when he was found.

Peter, who was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and requires surgery, was asked to accompany his mother to Makongeni Police Station to record a statement. Gatimu was then arrested in controversial circumstances, with police accusing her of giving false information.

“They are saying I reported a kidnapping but I clearly filed a missing child report,” she stated.

Gatimu claimed that on February 5, while in remand, police officers informed her that Peter had collapsed and asked for his medical cards to take him to Thika Level Five Hospital.

She maintains that this was the last time she saw her son, with the hospital later informing her that Peter was not admitted there.

Appearing at Thika Law Courts on Tuesday, February 11, Gatimu appealed to the court to help her establish Peter’s whereabouts as police had allegedly remained uncooperative.

Officers at Makongeni Police Station were yet to respond to our queries by the time of publication.

Having previously levelled allegations of mistreatment and abuse against police officers, Gatimu claimed that detectives in Thika seemed hell-bent on frustrating her in what she perceived as a revenge mission.

“The officers told me that I accused their colleagues and so they would punish me. One of them told me I will find my son in a mortuary.

“I cried out to the court yesterday, I asked them where is my son. They couldn’t tell me. How can they charge me with neglect?” she posed.

Gatimu is to be charged with neglect as authorities claim that Peter had not been in school for two weeks when he was found on Saturday, February 1. 

The woman, however, insisted she wasn’t guilty, explaining that a hospital visit had been scheduled for that week and she had already purchased books and other items which Peter needed for his school-work.

On the verge of breaking down, Gatimu pleaded with the Department of Children’s Services to intervene and help her find her son. 

Watch a video of Gatimu interrupting Ruto in November 2019 at PCEA Makongeni Church, Thika:

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