May 26, 2022
Wajir County Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi
  • A case in which Deputy President William Ruto was accused of illegally acquiring a parcel of land belonging to Adrian Muteshi, a Uasin Gishu-based farmer, has come back to haunt him.

    Wajir Woman Representative, Fatuma Gedi, accused Ruto of being a hindrance to solving land injustices in the country. The woman MP argued that despite the court ordering the DP to surrender the 110-acre piece of land to Muteshi, his action of grabbing it points to a bigger problem.

    Gedi was contributing to a motion raised by Msambweni Member of Parliament, Feisal Bader, on the issuance of title deeds in his constituency. Bader had argued that the real land owners have not been given the crucial document even as the Ministry of Lands continues issuing title deeds across the country.

    Wajir County Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi.
    Jubilee Party

    “The issue of land is complex and sensitive, and as leaders, we need to advise or bring solutions where we can. I agree that there is a problem and when we talk about land grabbing, the Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate is one of those found culpable in the Muteshi land case,” stated Gedi.

    The Woman MP added that the details were out in public on DP Ruto’s involvement in the Muteshi land-grabbing saga.

    “Muteshi’s is 100 acres of land. It belongs to the late Muteshi, and if you allow me, I will get you the details.”

    Gedi’s comments attracted a backlash from MPs allied to the Deputy President led by Kikuyu lawmaker, Kimani Ichungwah, who demanded that she either substantiate her claims or withdraw the statement and issue an apology.

    “In line with our procedures, when you mention candidates of particular coalitions who are known but are not here to defend themselves, Fatuma Gedi is obliged to either substantiate or provide evidence or withdraw the statement and apologize,” Ichungwah stated.

    However, the Woman Rep did not withdraw or apologise, insisting that she had evidence to back her claims, further requesting to be allowed two days to gather all the documents before presenting them to Parliament.

    Her remarks did not go well with the DP’s allies, leading to a heated argument with Speaker Justin Muturi being forced to intervene to restore order in the August House.

    Muturi granted Gedi her request explaining that the matter was a serious issue.

    “Ordinarily, we do not allow people to say that they will provide evidence after two days because when you say something here, you are expected to provide the evidence.

    “Given the gravity of what you have stated, I will allow you. Therefore, on Thursday, April 12 at 2.30pm we expect Fatuma Gedi to provide evidence before the house,” Muturi ruled.

    National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi during a past sitting.
    National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi during a past sitting.

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