November 29, 2022
Musician Confronts Teacher Wanjiku's Husband on Churchill Show [VIDEO]

Wangari, a musician in the acclaimed Kikuyu song, Tuirio Twega, confronted Churchill Show Creative Director, Victor Ber, after she was called out to perform at a show in Ruiru, Kiambu County. 

After her performance, she asked Churchill if she could meet his creative director, who is also Teacher Wanjiuku’s husband. 

The host then called out Ber to the stage so Wangari could face him and show that she had eventually come of age, even after he had told her off during a past show.

Daniel Churchill Ndambuki with his Creative Director Victor Ber on stage

“He told me ‘get out of here you can’t sing!’. I went home and asked myself, dear God, did I come to this earth to be told like that [sic]?” Wangari recalled.

Musician Wangari speaking to Churchill about his Creative Director Victor Ber

“So I went and practised and practised and I came and performed for him and he was like oh my God,” she added.

Victor then justified why he had treated Wangari as he did, by acknowledging ” Now she is alright. That time she couldn’t sing so I chased her away, knowing that she would be challenged to improve.” 

“If you’re rejected don’t go and sulk, don’t hang yourself. Go and work harder and one day your star is going to shine,” Wangari encouraged the crowd that had attended the show. 

Before she got into music, she used to perform set books alongside Churchill at the Kenya National Theatre. 

Speaking to, former Tahidi High actor, Angel Waruinge, who also started out at KNT, disclosed that Churchill’s big break happened after he performed as Kongowea Mswahili on Siku Njema by Ken Walibora. 

He was then spotted by talent scouts among them Victor Ber. 

Watch as musician confronts Victor Ber on Churchill Show.


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