Murgor Sisters Claim Police Interference, Turn To Haji For Help

Senior Counsel Philip Murgor
  • Cheryl Murgor and her sister, Stephanie on Thursday, November 25, claimed interference by the police in the case involving them and the Ndichu brothers, Paul and Eddie.

    In a press statement released by their lawyer, Philip Murgor, the sisters revealed that they, alongside Samuel Ramdas and Patrick Koech, had rejected an out-of-court settlement with the Ndichu twins.

    What followed was a series of events which, according to them, were meant to arm-twist them into accepting an out-of-court settlement.

    Senior Counsel Philip Murgor

    Murgor stated that despite a directive by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji on November 17 to charge Paul and Eddie, the two are yet to be charged in court.

    “We appeared at the Kibera Courts only to be informed that the Ndichus would not be charged, as there were ‘new directives’,” the Senior Counsel stated.

    Murgor noted that when he received a call from Lang’ata Deputy Director of Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO), who recently took over the case, asking him to present Cheryl and Patrick to record a statement and provide fingerprints, after which they would be charged.

    “… they would be charged alongside Munira for the offence of affray,” he disclosed.

    The lawyer claimed that those were all side shows, meant to distract the process. He also accused the police of alerting a section of the media that his clients had been summoned.

    “We take the new developments as a crude attempt by sections of the police to force our clients to withdraw or compromise their complaints against the Ndichu brothers,” Murgor stated.

    The city lawyer revealed that he had written to Haji, asking him to review the file and give appropriate directions on how the offence of affray should be investigated.

    He also wrote to the Inspector General of police, Hillary Mutyambai, calling upon him to bring an end to what he termed as unnecessary antics and conclude the Ndichu twins’ case.

    A file image of Ndichu brothers.
    A file image of the Ndichu brothers.