Murathe resignation indication Uhuru will dump Jubilee leaving an empty shell for Ruto

Murathe resignation indication Uhuru will dump Jubilee leaving an empty shell for Ruto

Jubilee Party vice chairman David Murathe has resigned from the party saying his continued stay in the ruling outfit is no longer tenable.

His departure and announcement that he will spearhead the Operation Stop Ruto movement is a strong indication that President Uhuru may also dump Jubilee together with his Mt Kenya stronghold leaving Ruto with an empty party.

Murathe later told KTN TV that he will form another party that will deal with Ruto and his thugs. For starters Murathe is a no ordinary Jubilee member, he is a senior Statehouse operatives who advise the President on political affairs, he is a personal friend to the president since childhood and among the loyalist who believed in Uhuru long before picked him from exclusive drinking dens. Murathe is powerful than Kibicho, than Kinuthia Mbugua and Nancy Githuai combined.

Murathe joins a long list of senior Mt Kenya politicians who are critical of Jubilee that includes Governor Kabogo, Kembi Githura, Kabado wa Kabado among others. Another indication that Uhuru will bolt is how key tanga tanga members have gone mute lately, ever wondered where Ndindi Nyoro, Irungu Kangata and Sabina Chege disappeared to? well, Jubilee will be left an empty shell for the Kalenjins.

Murathe maintained that his position that DP William Ruto is not fit to lead the country still stands.

On Saturday, the Murathe said he will move to the Supreme Court to seek an advisory opinion on whether the Deputy President should be allowed to run for the highest office after serving two terms.

Murathe’s attacks on Ruto have, however, been criticized by Ruto’s allies and Jubilee leaders from Central region who have said they do not represent their views.

Meanwhile political analyst Festus Kiilu has explained detail why Mt Kenya oligarchs are dumping RUto.

The Kikuyu nation gave Ruto three tests which he failed and nailed his own coffin. One was being given an opportunity to oversee Jubilee Party nominations. When he proceeded to uproot their strong sons and daughters and replace them with novices in Central Kenya he became a marked man.

The second one was being given a chance to nominate 50% of the cabinet. When he proceeded to nominate only his people while Uhuru shared with other Kenyans , his leadership value system came under scrutiny.

The third
, which he swallowed hook, line and sinker was when he took a confrontational mien against the handshake and rubbished referendum talks even before he had taken time to understand the content. To him, Raila had come to snatch that which was his for the taking and he was not going to sit back and see it go. He seems to have abandoned his boss to struggle with BIG FOUR as he himself goes into high gear campaign. The worst mistake was using his leutinants to apply pressure on Uhuru and Central Kenya to state their position on 2022.

When he sensed that he might not get the Central Kenya vote , he made forays into Westerñ, looking for every excuse to attend anything that looked like a gathering . Even the cultural bullfighting has not been spared.

When he sensed Musalia and Western leaders are building a formidable force and working closely with Gideon in Rift Valley and Central Kenya , Coast and Nyanza , he then begun throwing jibes at Musalia through proxies , jibes that have not washed.

According to Mr. Nickson Sakwa Mathare Constituency M.P 2022. DP Ruto has dimmed his own star and should start rethinking his role in Kenya’s politics in the days ahead. It is difficult to initiate such battlefronts and win. He should listen keenly to what Prof Manyora has told him. Ruto must fail.


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