MP Simba Arati’s Life as a Vegetable Vendor in Nairobi

MP Simba Arati's Life as a Vegetable Vendor in Nairobi

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati was once a vegetable vendor popularly known as Mama Mboga.

In an interview with Tuko, Arati recounted how he used to fetch the farm produce from Wangige, Marikiti, Ngara and Gikomba markets early in the morning.

He would then travel back to his estate where he would chop kale for the area residents.

“I used to purchase one bus ticket on Monday and use it for the rest of the week,” he recounted.

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati with Raila Odinga

“Since the KBS buses used to be fully packed, I would position myself near the rear door. Once the conductor approached, I would alight, get in through the front door, and hold the receipt from Monday acting like I had already paid out,” he stated.

Arati indicated that the hardships in the streets was likely a preparation for the leadership role he would assume.

As a first year at Kenya Polytechnic (The Technical University of Kenya), he made his first attempt at elective politics.

However, the administration rigged the elections and he lost prompting him to take the matter to court.

The move nearly backfired on him as the administration wanted him suspended.

In second year, Arati became the chairman of the student’s union and he would apply the lobbying skills way after college.

After serving as a Councillor (MCA) in Nairobi, Arati went for the post of MP in 2007 which he also retained in 2013.

“My message is simple, you can start anywhere and change the narrative,” the Dagoretti North MP concluded.

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