MP Captured on Video Scolding Kenyans Over Poor Roads

An image of Nelson Koech
  • Belgut MP Nelson Koech was on Tuesday, August 10, captured on video engaged in what appeared to be a bitter spat with some of his constituents.

    The verbal confrontation began when some of the constituents, captured in the 20-second clip, demanded an explanation from the lawmaker over the failure to repair some dilapidated roads.

    The confrontation took an ugly turn when a section of the aggrieved constituents attempted to lock the legislator behind a green gate in what appears to be a business premise.

    A seemingly angry Koech, who was dressed in a green shirt, told off one of the constituents arguing that the road was not part of his responsibility and that he did not have the funds to finance its construction.

    Belgut MP Nelson Koech speaking at a past event.

    He further argued that the mandate fell under the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA).

    “You cannot lock me in. This door needs to be opened. This is a case that I will take very seriously. The road is not in my jurisdiction, it is the mandate of KeRRA. I will only give money when there is money,” stated the MP.

    Attempts by to reach the lawmaker for a clear explanation on what transpired in the near fist-fight incident were futile as our calls and text messages went unanswered by the time of going to press.

    On the performance scale, Belgut has repeatedly fell short as compared to other regions across the country.

    In a 2020 approval rating conducted by Infotrak Research and Consulting, Koech was ranked at position 64 with 56 percentage points, a drop from 2015 ranking where the constituency garnered 62 per cent.

    Koech is a first-time legislator.

    Below is the video: