August 15, 2022
Samuel Omondi, four-year-old who went on missing February 20, 2020.

On Saturday, March 14, Citizen TV news anchors Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla interviewed Deborah Mesesi, a woman who has undergone six miscarriages and is currently looking for her lost son, Samuel Omondi.

The emotional mother of one narrated that she had struggled to raise Omondi who is autistic and needed a lot of attention.

“I am a mother to a son by the name Samuel Omondi and I got my son through hardships because I had to go for bed rest so that I could carry my child to full term. I have had miscarriages six times” Deborah narrated.

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Samuel Omondi, four-year-old who went on missing February 20, 2020.


“My son is also autistic and despite his age, he is unable to talk. We took him to school the whole of last year (2019) but in February this year (2020), his doctor recommended that we observe his behavioural change and so we took him upcountry where he would interact with other children,” Deborah narrated.

“We took him there and he was okay. He was playing and was well but on February 20, at around 11 a.m., he went missing. He was playing with our young girl when she went inside the house to get a cup of tea for him and when she came out, she didn’t find him,” the mother added.

Deborah stated that the family had looked for the child in many places without any luck.

“We reported and looked for him everywhere but did not find him,” she stated.

Deborah narrated that it has been very hard for her to get a baby due to complications with her pregnancies.

“I have a bi-connect uterus, during my pregnancies, I get a clot and when the clot extends, I start bleeding so I have been suffering during all those pregnancies.

“Even after I got several miscarriages and ended up getting my son, I thanked God because I felt I was a mother just like other mothers.

Deborah called upon anyone who might have seen her child to report to the nearest police station.

Below is a video;

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Deborah Mesesi alipoteza mimba mara 6 na mwanawe sasa amepotea
Mwanawe, Sam alitoka kucheza lakini hakurudi nyumbani
Sam amepotea sasa kwa wiki tatu na hakuna aliyeona chochote #NipasheWikendi

Posted by Citizen TV Kenya on Saturday, 14 March 2020

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