May 26, 2022
An image of the late Ebbie Noelle at Gatanga CCM school in Muranga County.
  • Martha Wanjiro, the mother of Ebbie Noelle, a former student of Gatanga CCM School, Muranga County, was overwhelmed with emotions to the point where she broke down during an interview. 

    The grieving mother urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene in an ongoing investigation into her daughter’s death.

    In the interview conducted on Monday, March 28, Wanjiro recalled that her daughter passed away on March 9, 2019, under controversial circumstances. 

    Wanjiro claimed that her girl passed away in school and that the institution’s administration hatched a plot to cover up the death. 

    An image of the late Ebbie Noelle at Gatanga CCM school in Muranga County.

    “I need the help of my President, Uhuru Kenyatta, the one I cast my vote for, for the sake of truth and justice. This case cannot disappear, no matter what,” she stated.

    Wanjiro claimed that the investigators were dragging the case, causing emotional pain to her family. She further alleged that unidentified people were taking advantage of the situation to fleece her money. 

    “I had people calling me posing as DCI and asking me to fuel their to enable them to investigate the case. 

    “The authorities create fake stories to manage your psychology. Those strategies affect your emotions and remind you of the pain,” the distraught mother stated.

    She further called on the Head of State to reform the education sector noting that many families were going through similar predicaments. 

    “I need the president of this country to up his game. I know he is just about to retire but he can effect changes needed. Some agendas or projects are started by retiring presidents and completed by their successors,” she explained. 

    “You take your child to school, facilitate their education only to die in the institutions. Surely? Won’t it be better to let them stay at home then?” Wanjiro lamented. 

    Postmortem results conducted in 2019 indicated that the Form One student’s death was caused by a head injury occasioned by a blunt object.

    Then Muranga Police Commander Josephat Kinyua revealed that they opened an inquiry into the case. 

    It was claimed that the student fell from the decker on February 28, 2019, a week before her demise.

    “The matter was not brought to the attention of the administration since there were no injuries,” Kinyua stated then.

    Police officers at a kidnapping scene
    DCI officers combing through a crime scene
    death probe

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