Moses Kuria Schools Colleagues Over Rampant Insults

Moses Kuria Schools Colleagues Over Rampant Insults

Moses Kuria has come out to condemn senior leaders in the country over their exchange of words as political temperatures rise.

In a press statement to media houses, Kuria expressed his disappointment in the leaders stating that they have lost touch with the people who elected them.

“It is my considered opinion that Kenyans are currently facing acute challenges including unemployment, famine, insecurity in various areas of the country, low incomes for agricultural produce, delayed payments by national and county governments, harassment of small traders and low levels of liquidity due to lack of credit,” Kuria wrote.

A PSV trying to maneuver a bad road

The Gatundu South legislator went on to list a myriad of issues that he felt should have been top of the agenda for the leaders rather than them politicking.

He revealed that it was with great concern that he noted the continued escalation of the war of words among senior leaders.

“Kenyans are grappling with poor and inaccessible roads network, lack of clean drinking water, near zero access to electricity as well as dilapidated Healthcare systems. Very many families can not afford three meals a day,” he continued.

Kuria claims that he was baffled that in the midst of all these issues some leaders could still find the mental space and moral fulfillment to exchange insults and engage in cut-through competition for power.

The legislator went on to give the warring leaders a piece of advice.

“I would like to humbly invite the warring factions to ask themselves why everyone else is quiet except themselves. Our people are quietly taking notes. Soon the warring factions will realize that Kenya is not about them only. The silent majority will soon get fed up and declare that ‘Enough is Enough’,” he added.

This comes after leaders from both ends of the political divide started throwing political jabs at each other over the recent and upcoming by-elections.

The deputy president was quoted alleging that the ODM leader Raila Odinga had approached him first before meeting president Uhuru Kenyatta on the handshake.

The statement elicited sharp remarks from the ODM party leadership with the Party’s secretary general Edwin Sifuna refuting the claims and stating that it was actually the DP who had approached them and not the other way round.

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna

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