Meet wakili Hon David Ochieng then man who humiliated ODM in Ugenya

Meet wakili Hon David Ochieng then man who humiliated ODM in Ugenya

By Kamasasa Empraim


1. Hon David Ochieng performed so high as an MP 2013 – 2017. His record superceded the more than 20yrs Orengo held as MP of Ugenya. His development record speaks for itself.

2. During 2017 ODM nominations in Ugenya, Karan didn’t win convincingly. Orengo rigged him in after being tipped against a popular candidate. The voters rejected project Karan. Orengo in his wisdom corrupted the IEBC polls and rigged out Hon David Ochieng on a day broad light in August 2017 polls. From word go, Karan wasn’t popular. He was forced on Ugenya voters by the jockey politician in the name of Orengo.

3. During the just concluded by elections campaigns, David distanced himself from attacking Raila nor ODM. He knew his target – ELECTED MP of UGENYA. Despite many times of provocation Orengo made to make the contest look like Raila Vs Ruto, David remained calm. He would remind voters that politically he is just like Raila’s son. He stressed the fact that he is not against Raila’s presidential candidature. He simply sold his agenda coupled with his past performance, the message resonated well with voters. He did a very disciplined campaign. Despite provocations, himself and the team never hit back at ODM nor Raila. Humility guided him. His rallies were so insignificant that you wouldn’t realise his coming and his exit from an area.

4. Orengo carried himself as KNOW IT ALL. Despite warnings from the party leaders, he dismissed any dissenting voices. A case in point. ODM director of elections, Hon Janet Mohammed, kept off Ugenya in the entire campaign season. He never stepped foot in Ugenya. When Orengo sensed defeat, he started calling on Joho and Raila to visit Ugenya and bolster the campaigns for Karan. Having intelligence reports of looming Karan loss, both Raila and Joho kept off the embarrassment in Ugenya. Raila actually set Orengo to fail. Orengo was chest thumbing how he is going to be Siaya governor after Karan win. Sad thing today. In the villages, Orengo would tell the poor voters how Ruto is a thief. Karan would add the voice how Ruto is the thieving devil. On the other hand, David was promising what he will do once re-elected. When both Raila missed to join Karan on his campaign trail, it provided fodder for my man David. Again when Joho failed, it added a lot of strength. Remember the dates for both Raila and Joho to campaign had already been announced. They bounced and this is how God gave David favor.

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5. There is a lot of celebrations in Busia county. People are happy that David won against Karan. Do you know why? Most of the current elected ODM leaders in the county were imposed on us. The Busia voters have not healed. They are not happy. Any sign of an ODM aspirant getting a dog’s beating elicits a lot of cheers. It’s a warning. It’s a red alert.

1. Orengo is a lousy politician. Very clueless. Useless.
2. David has a future politically. He has stood for what he used to tell me up to last week early. He is a bright politician. He knows what he wants.
3. 2022 there will be a big political generational change. In Ugenya the youths won. They drove David’s campaigns and won against the aged lot.
4. When elected, work hard and deliver. David delivered.
5. The era of conning voters with ODM certificate has come to an end. More will loose in a near future armed with ODM certificate. This had a bearing on Busia county next political dispensation.
6. Going forward, Raila need to do away with those surrounding him. He need new blood of advisors. The youthful age bracket. The old way of campaigns is over. It’s a new era.
7. One can still win an election in Luo Nyanza without insulting Raila and his party.
8. David won based on his ability to deliver. His past experience of delivering on his promises. The Luos trying to tag David on Ruto should stop. You should avoid inciting a war between David and Raila. We need new blood in our politics. 2022 is transition stage. We should never destroy David’s brand of politics by inciting him to fight Raila.
9. David’s party MDG is here to grow. It has not been an easy game all through. But it must be recognised and respected. It’s not here to fight Raila’s grip on power. It’s offering an alternative for post 2022 politics.

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All the best son of a poor teacher David Ouma Ochieng . You have given us hope. Now work your way. Deliver in double digits. Blessings!


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