May 26, 2022
Ex-Puma CEO and Segera Retreat owner, Jochen Zeitz.
  • Segera Retreat is an exclusive and grand destination located in the vast Laikipia plateau. 

    Dubbed as an oasis of luxury in the 50,000 acres of wild savannah, the retreat consists of eight villas on the foothills of Mt Kenya. So exquisite is the retreat that it was named among the top ten luxury vacation destinations globally by Los Angeles Times

    Unknown to many, the vast retreat is owned by a German tycoon, Jochen Zeitz, whose experience dates back to two decades ago. Zeitz exudes a simple personality that may strike someone as the laid-back type and not the corporate fix he has been, having over 18 years in the industry.

    Ex-Puma CEO and Segera Retreat owner, Jochen Zeitz.

    The German national’s name is linked to the multinational footwear corporation, Puma, where he led the company through unchartered waters. 

    Zeitz was chosen to head Puma at the age of 29, becoming the youngest Chief Executive in German history. Not a favourite among his seniors, most of his colleagues thought he was a tragedy waiting to happen due to his inexperience to hold such a prestigious position in a blue chip company. In a past interview with Business Daily, he revealed that he took the opportunity with a fearless mentality, seeking to turn the company’s sales around. 

    True to his words, he steered the company for the subsequent 18 years to success, raising the sales from USD100 million (Ksh11.3 billion) to USD4 billion (Ksh454.6 billion). During his tenure, he introduced the principle of sustainability into every manufacturing aspect of the company’s products.

    His achievements earned him the tag of one of the most successful CEOs during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

    The tycoon later resolved to take his craft to the tourism sector. He purchased the 50,000 acre piece of land in Laikipia and started his journey in the hospitality sector there.

    “Segera has been an absolute joy. It’s satisfying to me because it’s an investment in people and an investment in nature,” he revealed in a past media interview.

    According to the destination’s website, the vast land is divided into three: Garden Villas, Farmhouse and Segera House. 

    The Garden villas consist of six thatched villas centered around a swimming pool and surrounded by a cactus wall. The area consists of ensuite bathrooms, private decks, and interior borrow. 

    The farmhouse is the original ranch house that has a master suite, two double rooms that open the outdoor lounge as well as a private pool that is ideal for those looking for privacy. 

    Segera House consists of a huge entrance hall that links three master suites together. The suites lead to a private pool and outdoor dining area. 

    In the case of single occupancy, a visitor will part with between Ksh70,000 to Ksh195,000 a night, depending on the season. 

    One of the villas inside the Segera Retreat, located in Laikipia County.
    One of the villas inside the Segera Retreat, located in Laikipia County.

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