May 28, 2022
A section of the Thika Superhighway at Survey Underpass
  • Nairobi traffic police on Friday, July 2 arrested a man caught on camera stealing a car’s side mirror in a traffic jam on a busy road in the central business district.

    The man was identified after a video recorded by a motorist went viral on Thursday, July 1. In the video, the brazen robber is seen walking up to the car, plucking the side mirror and making away in a haste.

    Officers from Kamukunji police station tracked the suspect down and nabbed him within 24 hours of the robbery.

    A section of the Thika Superhighway at Survey Underpass
    Simon Kiragu

    “His forty days are over and appropriate action will be taken against him,†said the Kamukunji police boss.

    The police further warned that they would not allow lazy individuals to frustrate motorists driving to their respective destinations.

    “This is robbery and so from the look of things this is a person who has decided steal around this area and I think the forty day are over and we urge people to give us as much information as possible.

    We want fellow citizens to continue with their businesses without unnecessary challenges and nagging especially from those that don’t want to work they just want snatch things like this.†he added.

    The theft of side mirrors, wheel caps, wind visors and car lights has been a cause for concern within the central business district during early morning and evening hours. Drivers have been forced to adopt extreme tactics like keeping weapons in their cars in anticipation of the robbers.

    Earlier this week, Nairobi County Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi assured residents that police had stepped up their game to reduce rampant crime in the city and its surroundings. 

    Addressing the press on the plans to up their game to protect the residents from criminals, the county boss said many plain clothes officers including the special team were already deployed in various hotspots to achieve the goal.

    Criminals have grown bolder, targeting citizens in daylight muggings which have increasingly been caught on camera. Early this week a CCTV camera captured a daring thug stealing a phone from an unidentified person in a city hotel in broad daylight.


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