August 19, 2022

Guessed you’ve heard about the opera news hub and you’ve decide to try it? Or maybe you’re just studying about it?

Whichever it is I’ll be sharing with you the way you can make up to $400(KES40,000) each month in this text through gaining knowledge of the way to make money with Opera news Hub.

I’ve seen several comments from people (usually from Kenya) asking ways at which they could make cash on line without a website.

So I’ve decided to share this wonderful and profitable information!

You may likely make constant month-to-month earnings with opera news hub without owning a website of your own.

All you need to do is simply be willing to work 12 to 48hours every week and you’ll get paid handsomely on a month-to-month basis.

Currently, they payout each 15th of every month from your previous month earnings.

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How Do you earn in Opera News Hub and what is all about?

Before we continue on our quest to make cash with Opera news hub, permit me to explain to you on how it actually works and how you can earn.

Opera News Hub is a brand new online media platform where bloggers and content material writers can get exposure on their masterpiece.

It connects seamlessly with other Opera cellular apps just like the default Opera mini browser. Which means content material writer could have the opportunity to attain more international audience and extra exposure.

And also get extra social media followers and unfold their content all around the net.

This really means the more notice your content material get at the information hub the extra earnings you can make.

Opera itself is a freeware internet browser for:






The way to Make money with Opera News Hub

To make money online with Opera News Hub is surely not hard and don’t get scared with the term blogger and content material writing.

To make cash with opera news hub, you just need to write thrilling stories and post them as convenient.

The least words you can write is 150 words and you could write as plenty of words as you can come up. The trick to growing higher in this platform is to write as much content as viable.

Just imagine you are lucky to be making more than 5K from one article consider what you will make if you have over 20 of those similar articles.

Everything depends on your effort and what kind of time you’re willing to provide; the quality time you deliver can without difficulty boom your payout.

What If you cannot Write or you Don’t Have The Time?

Perhaps you don’t have the time to write the contents your self or you really think you’re not perfect enough in writing unique articles?

I have excellent news for you!

Do you realize you can without a doubt outsource the item writing…? I’ve a platform in which i get article written as little as $2 or KES200.

This Platform is known as SEOCLERK.

Right here’s the trick, imagine you’re making at the least $10 (KES1000) for one article and pay $3 (KES300) to put in writing one article. On the end of the whole lot, you’ll be left with a earnings of $7 (KES700).

The interesting part is you could get your article the next day which makes it very fast! And don’t forget the word count is a minimum of one hundred & fifty words.

So, you’re really on at the triumphing side.

If it sounds cool, you can head over to SEOCLERK and get your content written.

Geared up, Lets get to business!


Steps to start making a living with Opera News Hub

Below are the vital steps you need to take to create your account and begin getting paid with Opera news hub:

Step 1: Create An Account

To create an account Click here to visit the Opera News Hub. 

On the home page, you’ll see the image above, click on on the red “Login/SignUp” button to create an account. Next, you’ll see a see a notification asking you to continue with facebook or google account.

After this, you’ll be required to login with your facebook password or Gmail, depending on the one you selected. Then the next web page could be your account set-up page.

The first page you will need to confirm your login, just click on the confirm button and proceed to the next page, that is the one in the photo under.

That is your hub info and everything about your blog on Opera news hub.

1. Wemedia name: This isn’t your personal call, however as an alternative the call you need to give your weblog on Opera news hub.

2. Category: that is the category you want your content to be about. Just select the one that is related to your content, although your content will not be restricted to the category you select.

3. Profile image: that is going to be your article image. It’s going to be above every article you’ve written.

4. Description: this is in reality a short description of what your hub is all about

Step 2: Account data

The next step is your personal account details, this includes how you get your payout.

Here, you simply need to fill out the form with your real details and enter your Opay account number as the means to get paid. As soon as everything is correctly filled out, you may then proceed on your account and start publishing content.

Note, being a new member, your account is going to be under review for a few hours before it becomes active.

Step 3: Submit Your First Content material

After the whole thing is setup properly and your account is activated, you could then begin to submit content material at once from your opera news hub dashboard.

Article Title: This is a place which your article title is displayed. Strive as much as possible to use unique and catchy name that draws readers.

Content: That is a place where the primary content is written. You can use the H1 and H2 header tags to add headers on your content. When you’re done scroll down, set category & tags, then click on the blue publish button or save as draft to publish later.

How you get paid With Opera news Hub

Below are the breakdowns of how your contents makes you money on the opera news hub platform.

*1 click gets you a site bonus of 0.036₦

*A hundred clicks gets site bonus of 3.6₦

*1,000 clicks gets you site bonus of 36₦

*10,000 clicks gets you site visitors bonus of 360₦

*25,000 clicks gets you site visitors bonus of ₦ 900

Note, for the reason that opera news hub is a big platform, it’s very easier to get more than 10,000 clicks in a quick period of time.

Moreover, you’ll additionally get paid for post comments and shares.

Article with greater than one hundred engagements may be eligible for the engagement bonus that is ₦ 1800 per one hundred engagement.

In case your article engagement bonus is lesser than this, you’ll not be eligible for the bonus. However, each content with over a hundred is eligible.

For instance, 250 engagements, gets 2.5 * 1800 = ₦ 4500 as an engagement bonus

Suggestions To Get Your Content Approve Quicker

You have to know, not all articles are approved on the opera news hub. Copy-write content will be rejected and don’t be tempted to do copy and paste.

Additionally, keep away from using titles that include the words below:









Those words are considered as click-bait. This is luring readers to click on them.


The opera news hub is really a passive way to make cash on-line, that is due to the fact you’ll get to make money from the old contents you’ve written for a very long term.

It’s nothing tough, you need to create a brief content within 500 words or lesser and submit it. The more content you’ve got the more your chance of being profitable.

It now over to you, what do you think? Is it worth it or a whole waste of time? Please drop your opinion about this in the comment section.

To Start Making Money With Opera News Hub, CLICK HERE TO VISIT SITE

11 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Opera News Hub (Easy Steps & Guide)

  1. I will give it a try. I don’t think it’s wastage of time since I will earn money from it. I believe that you have to work to earn. Thank you.

  2. How do i know that i have been paid for the articles i had posted and how to check my balance?

  3. i have written with them and i don’t think it is a great site. to begin with, my first 11 articles were never paid for. the total clicks were about 83k, 24 shares and a considerable number of comments. i tries reaching to customer service but nothing worked.

    i recently tried writing again. Whereas i write original and up to date news, the reach and clicks are way too low. I’m disappointed. none of my articles has been rejected.
    how do you guys make money with the site?

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