August 15, 2022

  • The skyline of Nairobi has had new entrants in the recent past, with elegant architectural designs coming up. Mushrooming skyscrapers have put Kenya’s capital city on the map of modern cities in the world.

    But who are the brains behind these breathtaking landmarks? takes a look at the architects behind these buildings as well as the thinking that informed their designs.

    1. Britam Towers

    Britam Tower is one of the outstanding high rises in Nairobi. It is currently ranked as the tallest skyscraper in Kenya. The 200 meters building is located in the Upper Hill region of Nairobi and houses the headquarters of Britam Insurance.

    GAPP Architects & Urban Designers in collaboration with Triad Architects are credited with the architectural design of the masterpiece. 

    The building’s design is inspired by the Mount Kenya view. The high rise with over 30 floors has since scooped awards as a gem both in Africa and globally. One of the worth-noting awards is the Emporis Skyscraper Award where Britam Towers came in the 10th position.

    Key architectural designs that have changed Nairobi's Skyline
    The Britam Towers located in Upper Hill Nairobi.
    Johan Smith
    1. GTC Building

    The Global Trade Center, GTC, is the latest noteworthy entrant in the skyline of Nairobi. Located along Waiyaki Way, in Westlands Nairobi, the building with 43 floors was completed in 2022 and is owned by Avic International Real Estate Limited. The project is also a product of Triad architects who designed the Britam Tower. 

    The building ranks as the second-highest in Kenya at 184 meters above the ground. It also houses the headquarters of Avic, a Chinese real estate firm, in Kenya. 

    Key architectural designs that have changed Nairobi's Skyline
    The GTC buildings located along Waiyaki, it is the second tallest building in Nairobi.

    3. UAP Old Mutual

    The UAP Old Mutual Tower is also a notable architectural design in Nairobi. The building is 163 meters tall with a total of 35 floors. Its architectural design is credited to BPM International in collaboration with Triad. The concrete building sits on 24,000 square meters of land and it hosts the offices of UAP Old Mutual Insurance.

    The architectural design draws inspiration from the the Empire State Building in New York. The apex of this building gives a clear perspective of Nairobi’s skyline and the Mount Kenya.  

    Key architectural designs that have changed Nairobi's Skyline
    The Old Mutual Towers located in Upper Hill Nairobi.
    Capital Group

    4. Times Tower

    The Time’s Tower is a proven iconic building and for decades has been the image of Nairobi City.  The 140 meters tower was dethroned as Kenya’s tallest building by the UAP Tower after years of dominance in the skyline of Nairobi. The building was completed in 2000 and it hosts the headquarters of the Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA. 

    The 35-level building was designed by a Kenyan architect named Wambaa Mungai. Mr. Mungai is an experienced architect and is a graduate of the University of Nairobi, with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. 

    Key architectural designs that have changed Nairobi's Skyline
    The iconic Times Tower building located in Nairobi CBD
    Triad Architects

     CBK Pension Towers 

    Although it is not ranked as one of the tallest buildings, the Central Bank of Kenya, CBK, Pension Towers is one of the newest skyscrapers in Nairobi. The twin tower is located in Nairobi and has 27 stories. Kenya-based firm Aprim Consultants is the mastermind behind this high rise located in the Central Business District of Nairobi.

    Aprim is an architectural firm with its base in Karen and majors in architecture and quantity survey. The firm is constituted of Kenyan minds, proving yet again that Kenyans can match the rest of the world in innovation.

    The two buildings represent two retirees facing opposite directions but anchored on a united block. This united anchorage is interpreted as the way the government is willing to support its pensioners after their long years of service to the country.

    Key architectural designs that have changed Nairobi's Skyline
    The CBK pension towers located in Nairobi CBD


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