August 19, 2022
From left, Lucy Ngirita, Anne Ngirita and Phyllis Ngirita at a Milimani law court in 2018

Phyllis Ngirita, a suspect in the multi-billion National Youth Service (NYS) graft scandal, made an emotional appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta after appearing in court on Wednesday, March 4.

Flanked by her lawyer Evans Ondieki, Ngirita asked Uhuru to intervene in the case, stating that her child was suffering and missing school. She further sought to have her passport returned to allow her to take the child to Germany, claiming he could soon fall into depression.

“My child has gone two terms without going to school. He asks me questions I can’t answer. So all I want is to talk to the President because we voted for him as women to prosper but here we are, suffering. Some people are causing others to suffer using lies.

“Why is my child suffering? If I was given my passport I would try to take the child back to Germany where he will receive some help,” she stated.


From left, Lucy Ngirita, Anne Ngirita and Phyllis Ngirita at a Milimani law court in 2018.

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Accounts linked to members of the Ngirita family had been frozen and their cars impounded by the Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) soon after the scandal hit the headlines.

Ngirita had, however, insisted that they were being used as scapegoats to protect the real architects of the corruption scandal.

Speaking on March 4, she further requested for the hearings to be shifted to Naivasha which is closer to their home as they sometimes lacked fare to travel to court.

“We have been coming here for two years. It has reached a point where we lack fare to go to court in Milimani. There is also a court in Naivasha. We are suffering as if we are in jail.

“I want to ask our President to hear me where he is. I have a letter certifying me among youth and women, but why are women being treated like this? When someone is unable to educate their child, it is too much,” an emotional Ngirita lamented.

She further revealed that the child was in Year 7 at Pembroke School in Gilgil, Nakuru County.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had opposed a bid to unfreeze one of Ngirita’s bank accounts, arguing that the monies were proceeds of crime.

“The Sh700,000 was obtained by the applicant through a loan from Opportunity International Wedco Limited and is related to proceeds of crime

“The application amounts to abuse of court process as the court has already pronounced itself on this. The applicant should have made the application before Justice Onyiego, who froze the account,” Chief Inspector Paul Waweru of the Financial Investigations Unit told Justice Mumbi Ngugi on Monday, February 24.

Ngirita insisted that the funds in the account were from a bank loan not tied to corruption in any way, further maintaining that it was the only money she had and needed to clear school fee arrears.

A ruling is scheduled to be delivered on May 6, 2020.

Watch a video of Ngirita speaking to reporters below:

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