August 19, 2022
Sarah Cohen visits her husband
Leaked intimated texts between murder suspect Sarah Wairimu Cohen and Court of Appeal Judge Sankale Ole Kantai has caused an uproar from the political and law classes who have initiated a debate on the privacy of the judge and the integrity of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

In a report published by the Daily Nation on Friday, February 21 and a subsequent newspaper edition on Saturday, February 22, Wairimu’s alleged meeting with the judge was detailed to pinpoint description.

Kantai and Wairimu reportedly met at Acacia Premier Hotel in Kisumu, after the estranged widow to deceased Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen reached out to the judge for advice in case she was implicated or found guilty in the case.


Sarah Cohen visits her husband’s grave at the Jewish Cemetery located along Wangari Maathai Road, Nairobi, on Thursday afternoon, January 30


The duo’s escapade took place in Room 405 of the posh hotel with the outlet reporting that Kantai paid Wairirmu’s ticket to Kisumu via mobile money transfer. The two were in constant communication then, exchanging romantic texts in between them.

Judge: Good morning. Driver left five minutes ago. He is coming for you.

Wairimu: Ok love.

Judge: Pack mosquito repellent if you have.

Wairimu: Done. (After several minutes) Hi. Driver has picked.

Upon arriving at Wilson airport, Wairimu reportedly informed Kantai of her progress again.

Wairimu: Did you get medicated or shall I pick something en route once landed … We are boarding now.

Judge: I have a cough syrup and lozenges. There is no steam bath here.

Wairimu: Hi hun. I have checked in and now the long wait to boarding.

Judge: CU (see you) soon, (a kiss and the classic love heart emojis were added to spice the text).

The outlet further detailed that the two had a dalliance in business and no records at the hotel suggested that the two booked separate room hotels. There is also no evidence that Wairimu left Kisumu or the hotel on the very day as the two later enjoyed a sumptuous Ksh 2,800 Tilapia fish meal which was delivered to Room 405.

On the following day, the two enjoyed a Blue Berry cake together at around 4:30 p.m. Moments later Wirimu was summoned by the police via a call to report at Kilimani Police Station. 

Kantai reportedly again booked a ticket for her via mobile money transfer. 

While in Nairobi, she sent Kantai a copy of her statement to proofread and correct, which he did and was filed by the police. 

Kantai was arrested by DCI officers on Friday, February 21.

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