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Leaders Roast Senator for Being Disrespectful When Greeting Ruto

Leaders Roast Senator for Being Disrespectful When Greeting Ruto

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  • A file photo of deputy president William Ruto Twitter

  • Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot has come under sharp focus over what was termed by his fellow leaders as disrespectful behavior.

    The senator was among the leaders who had paid Deputy President William Ruto a visit at his office in Karen.

    A photo was taken of the senator greeting the DP with one hand in the pocket something that has brought backlash upon him.

    The photo that has put focus on Kericho Senator Aron Cheruiyot after he was pictured greeting DP William Ruto with his other hand in his trouser pocket.

    Some leaders told the second term senator to learn from the Energy CS Charles Keter who had both of his arms outstretched to greet the Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony.

    All the while, Soin Sigowet MP Kipsengeret Koros stood watching the unfolding scenario from the end of the line.

    When they got indoor for the meeting, the same senator was accused of daydreaming and not paying attention to what was transpiring in the meeting.

    This is after he was captured in a photo staring at the ceiling rather than paying attention to the ongoing meeting.

    Nation reported that an MCA from the area was quoted stating that he should have been more like Kapsoit MCA Paul Chirchir who was lauded for being attentive.

    This is ironical because the senator has been one of the most fierce defenders of the deputy president from his critics.

    DP Ruto in a meeting with to his left the Kericho governor Paul Chepkwony, Energy CS Charles Keter, Senator Aaron Cheruiyot, and others to his right   ©     All Rights Reserved

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