August 19, 2022
A photo of KTN Home Presenter Antony Ndiema dated March 3, 2020.

KTN Presenter Anthony Ndiema recounted an event that almost saw him lose his life at the start of his career in radio and TV.

Speaking on Spice FM on Thursday, March 12, the host of Tukuza on KTN Home told his host that he had just gotten a job in Nairobi with a Christian station and had relocated from Mombasa and settled with his friend in Kawangware.

When three weeks later he found a place of his own towards the end of the month and he went to the bank and withdrew some money in preparation to travel to Mombasa the next day to get his belongings, all the time unaware that someone had been tracking him.

“When I was alighting from a matatu at Kwangware 46, someone shouted ‘thief thief’. Like anyone else, I was curious, but when I looked at the guy, he was pointing at me. Right there he came and stepped on me and I went to the ground. Right there and then people pounced on me and the beating began,” he recounted.


A photo of KTN Home Presenter Antony Ndiema dated March 3, 2020.


Ndiema further narrated that even as the beatings went on, he was only praying that the mob does not bring a tire and lynch him, but while at it, he saw a tire.

“I knew that this is the end of everything, but after a few minutes, they just scattered. Up until today, I have never known what happened. Of course, they took my phone and wallet, but they left,” he recounted.

Ndiema further added that when they parted, he couldn’t breathe easily since someone had thrown a building block over his chest and his shirt was soaking wet, but he could not tell what was happening.

It was later on when two people, one a Ugandan lady and another a Sudanese man who responded to his cries, and when they shone the light on him, they saw the Hope FM logo in his sodden shirt.

“She told me to stand so that the guy could help me walk but I couldn’t. Later on, I realized that I had been stabbed thrice, twice on the side and once in the back. The backstab went straight to the spine so my entire lower limbs were out so I couldn’t walk or do anything,” he recounted.

The Sudanese guy then carried him on his back and took him to a nearby clinic where he was given a tetanus jab and managed to locate a number in a document in his pocket as he could not remember anything.

When they managed to trace his friend, he was taken to Mbagathi where the doctors could not handle the wounds, but his colleagues having known of the situation, took him to hospital in the state he was in where he was admitted.

“Two days after they had done all tests on me, a neurosurgeon came to the room and explained me all about nerves, and then told me that as sad as it was, I might never walk again as the stab wounds in my back had severed a major nerve,” Ndiema stated.

He added that when he received the news, he was saddened since he could see a change in his life that he had never envisioned.

He, however, added that he was one of the lucky few who healed with time and regained full function of his limbs and took the journey to forgive those who put him in hospital.

Ndiema is currently a presenter at KTN Home where he hosts the Tukuza show alongside DJ Sadic.

Video Courtesy of Spice FM

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