September 28, 2022

Musician KRG the Don is officially back to the streets after a successful divorce with his ex-wife Linah Kiruthi. The singer recently divulged how exuberant he was upon receiving full custody of his children whom he sired with Linah.

He’s not taking chances with his children as he declared how able and willing he is to cosset his children until they grow up. Take notes that KRG is among the wealthiest artists in the 254, and he’s not bragging about it.

The most peculiar thing is that he’s now riding solo despite having numerous women sliding in his DM. Despite his looks, the singer also has the cash to woo any woman into falling in love with him; and this is why he’s complaining about the latter.

The singer recently revealed how women are flocking his DM to replace his ex- wife. And we all know most of them are just there because of the cash.

Sharing via his podcast, he captioned;

Before his break-up, KRG had divulged that he’s no longer interested in being associated with anything to do with Linah, adding that he shouldn’t be tagged on Linah’s posts;

”Guys have a reputation to maintain and a family to take care of… So don’t be associating me with people who don’t have anything to loose in life…. Kila mtu ata deal with their consequences on their own… Don’t be taggint my name when other people misbehave…. inner peace is important”

With all his riches, the singer will definitely be interested in bagging himself another woman


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