May 27, 2022
Sportpesa founder Ronald Karauri (left) and wife Ruth Karauri at a party.
  • Kenya Airways (KQ) pilot Ruth Karauri has spoken out about how she expertly landed the KQ100 plane against Storm Eunice in the United Kingdom. 

    Speaking in a video clip released by the national career on the morning of Sunday, February 20, the captain noted that the plane encountered strong gusting winds at the popular Heathrow Airport.

    She further explained that she was able to manoeuvre the conditions largely due to the training provided to her by Kenya Airways.

    “This is Captain Ruth Karauri of the now famous KQ100 at London Heathrow. With me is my first officer of the day, Ayoob Harunany. We had the pleasure of encountering storm Eunice at London  Heathrow yesterday (Friday, February 18). We were landing on the Westerly Runway into Heathrow.

    Below is her video:

    “The flight conditions were strong gusting winds and it was quite a bumpy ride. However, thanks to the training we have had at Kenya Airways, particularly in the simulator, it prepared us for such a scenario. We used all our training expertise and skills that we have managed to learn over the years at Kenya Airways and we handled the learning expertly. It was a pleasure flying all our amazing passengers into London Heathrow yesterday,” she explained.

    Her prowess caught the attention of leaders including Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge who congratulated her on the feat.

    “You’ve seen the videos of planes struggling to land at London Heathrow Aiport yesterday with Storm Eunice. The exception was KQ’s Captain Ruth Karauri who landed the 787 like a boss! Congrats Captain, and first officer Ayoob Harunany,” stated Njoroge.

    “Hongera (congratulations) Capt. Ruth Karauri on the successful landing in Storm Eunice,” applauded UK’s High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriot.

    The initial clip which showed the flight manoeuvring the tough conditions was first recorded by Aviation enthusiast Jerry Dyer.

    He streamed the landing through his live streaming channel, Big Jet TV channel which attracted more than 200,000 live viewers.

    So bad was the weather conditions that some planes had to re-route while others had to go around the Heathrow airport before eventually touching the ground.

    Ruth Karauri is the wife of Sportpesa CEO Ronald Karauri and is the captain of the Boeing 737. Karauri had also served as a pilot at KQ before founding the gaming company.

    Storm Eunice is the UK’s recent cluster of winter wind storms with the UK’s meteorological department relating it to a strong polar vortex creating low pressure in the Arctic. The country is battling with record-breaking 122mph winds caused by Storm Eunice.

    UK’s Met Department issued two red weather warnings in as many months for strong winds, with aviation officials either cancelling a number of flights or rerouting planes to other destinations. 

    Previously, the storm destroyed trees as well as houses. Weather forecasters explained that Storm Eunice’s threat to life exceeds the predicted magnitude more than a similar storm which hit the European country in 1987 claiming 18 lives.

    Sportpesa founder Ronald Karauri (left) and wife Ruth Karauri at a party.


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