August 15, 2022

Online Luo sex teacher found himself crying after falling out with a Kisumu slay-queen by the name Cynthia Achieng who robbed him off Ksh. 750,000.

He wrote below texts on Facebook with tears rolling down his cheeks.

It’s been long since we did this; Today at 2.00 pm we shall be live under the Mango TREE…

Truth served RAW! Kisumu Slay Queen! Keep it here! Call our members! We sal EKSPOS HER, complete with evidential material!

You don’t STEAL MONEY from my bedroom and then proceed to lie that your DAD is Admitted at Kisumu SPECIALIST HOSPITAL

CYNTHIA you can block me in all social media platforms but you sal return the money!

Truth is NOT Skandol. Episode 1:

Cynthia Martha I sent you cash for Jambojet, you came spent a night then just from nowhere you crafted a cheap excuse that your DAD is admitted at Kisumu SPECIALIST HOSPITAL and you have to do an emergency flight back…

I accepted!

Few minutes after you left, I realized you blocked me on WhatsApp, I became curious and checked my bedroom”bank” only to realize that you carried ALL THE MONEY I stuffed in my wardrobe drawers!

How I got a schorlaship with my phone only

Yawa I even booked Kisumu Slay Queen in Jambojet BUSINESS CLASS!

Instead of dropping a THANK YOU; She paid back by STEALING all the money I had in the house…

Sisi yatima ndio tunaumia ????????
I rarely use MPESA, I largely bank under my matress pillow… CYNTHIA CAME and washed me ????????

Kisumu Slay Queen has taught me EARTH ????????


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