May 28, 2022
Former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero
  • Former Nairobi governor and businessman, Evans Kidero, will run for the Homabay gubernatorial seat as an independent candidate.

    Kidero made the announcement on Saturday, April 2, while on a campaign trail.

    The former Nairobi City County boss said his decision was informed by Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) move to issue a direct ticket to his competitor and Homabay Woman Representative, Gladys Wanga.

    “I do not recognize the alleged consensus that saw the rights of our people trampled on by a few self-seekers who intend to retain the status quo. I have been inundated with calls, with people asking me to soldier on with my candidature. 

    “I am glad that you have re-affirmed here at Simbi Primary School grounds that you are ready to vote for me and Raila Odinga. The people of Homabay have not reaped the benefits of devolution despite receiving billions of shillings during the last 10 years,” Kidero stated.

    Former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero

    Wanga was presented with the nomination certificate by the party leader, Raila Odinga, after consultations with other aspirants.

    Kidero noted that the interests of the people were not considered by ODM before they handed the party ticket to the Homabay Woman Rep.

    “As I welcome those who previously believed on the contrary opinion propagated by my former opponents into the Homabay race, I wish to let them know that all of us are members of Homabay County,” Kidero stated.

    “Under the leadership of Raila Odinga – Kenya stands to gain a great deal of progress and growth. He must be respected and given all the votes when the election comes.”

    Prior to the awarding of the ticket, Suba South Member of Parliament, John Mbadi, who also doubles up as the ODM’s national chairman, stepped down from the race, citing advice from Raila.

    Mbadi and Wanga were to face off in the nominations. To stem fallout in the party, Raila stated that ODM would employ consensus where need be.

    Explaining his move to step down, Mbadi noted that he had been promised a position in the national government once Raila clinched the presidency in the August 9 polls.

    He, however, noted that he stepped aside after consultations and not cowardice as many people had argued.

    Kidero, who was also seeking the ODM nomination, has been conspicuously missing in Raila’s front row since losing the city post to Mike Sonko.

    Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero.
    Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero.

    Kidero retreated to his home county of Homabay where he has been campaigning for over two years. 

    Previously, he was said to have been one of the key financiers of the Raila Odinga campaigns owing to his vast investments that span from real estate to shares in multiple companies.

    His tenure at City Hall was marred with allegations of graft and misappropriation of public funds.


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