August 11, 2022
Singer Khaligraph Jones and his brother Lamaz Span who is also a rapper.
Popular rapper Khaligraph Jones’ brother Lamaz Span, who is also a rapper, surprised a K24 TV anchor with Ksh 200,000 in cash on live TV.

It all started when the anchor, Isabella Kituri, reminded the rapper that he also bragged about having a lot of money and even dared him to show some during the Friday, February 14, interview.

“You need to show your wallet, you claimed that you make Ksh100,000 per day,” dared Kituri.

Proving his worth, Span confirmed that he made that amount every day and even offered to show her the money.

Singer Khaligraph Jones (Left) and his brother Lamaz Span who is also a rapper.

“You want me to produce the money for real? You know my personal assistant is around and he has all that money,” he responded before heading towards the direction where his PA was.

He shortly returned with three bundles of Ksh100,000 each and handed two of them to Kituri before pocketing the remaining amount.

“It is a hundred thousand on a bad day and another on a good day. Keep it for me but at the end of the show, take Ksh1,000 for yourself from the stack,” stated the rapper.

Span is the elder brother to Khaligraph Jones and reports indicate that he has been in the music industry longer than his brother.

He is known for numerous tracks including Mare Mare with singer Matata which garnered 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Span is also rumoured to own a car sales business 

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