Khadija Mohamed Mysteriously Disappears After Defecting to Prophet Owuor’s Church.

Khadija Mohamed Mysteriously Disappears After Defecting to Prophet Owuor's Church.

A Muslim girl from Huruma, Nairobi has been reported missing after she allegedly defected from her faith to join the Holiness and Repentance Ministry lead by Prophet David Owuor

Khadija Mohamed‘s guardians have accused her secondary school teacher Everlyne Oduor of indoctrinating then kidnapping her. 

Angeniambia baba mimi niko kwa dini fulani, silazimishi mtu, hakuna dini ya kulazimisha mtu (She should have been honest with me about changing her faith, I can’t force her to follow any particular faith),” stated her grandfather Mohamed Adan

Khadija Mohamed’s grandfather Mohamed Adan

It is reported that Khadija had incorrectly informed her parents that she had won a scholarship to complete her secondary education. 

Her grandfather who lived with her set out to find the errant tutor but was not at her residence. 

The former teacher of Angels of Mercy secondary school transferred to Eastmat Secondary School after Khadija disappeared. 

The headteacher of Eastmat School is being held by the police to assist in the investigation of the whereabouts of the teacher and the 16-year-old student.

“The teacher came with documentation, well qualified and we employed her, then Thursday when the parents came, and the case was raised, we interrogated her she said she knows nothing about it. The lady did not report back on Friday,” recalled Ainea Msare the arrested headteacher’s brother. 

A visit to the local branch of the Holiness and Repentance Ministry by Nation established that Everlyne was a member of the church and would often be seen with new members. 

The church’s management, however, did not disclose whether they ever saw the rogue teacher with Khadija. 

Ainea Msare, the arrested headteacher’s brother, talking to the media


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