‘Kenyans must rise and demand justice for OCS Ragira, assassinated by Mungiki’

‘Kenyans must rise and demand justice for OCS Ragira, assassinated by Mungiki’ – Hon. Alfred Keter

By Alfred Keter(mp Nandi hills)

Yesterday evening we sadly learned of the unfortunate demise of a University of Nairobi student leader and even more shocking is the fact that he was pronounced dead by police officers and bundled into a police land rover, injured but still breathing.
With visible bullet wounds, the OB reads that he was ‘killed by mob justice’

Doesn’t that sound suspicious?

Kenya has experienced political assassinations before and given the political inclinations and tribal impulses to defend the accused people, justice has never really been served. Just to mention a few;
J.M went,
Tom Mboya went,
Dr. Robert Ouko went,
Prof. Saitoti and Ojode went,
Most recent, Chris Musando and many others went and their deaths remain unresolved conclusively.
Who orders for the extrajudicial killing of Kenyans and what do they aim to achieve and even sadder, who orders for the killing of young people who are the future of our country?

When the murderous tendencies of dictators boil down to target students simply fighting for their hostel, meals and accommodation rights then you know that things are not right and not even handshakes or MoUs can save us.

Unless something is done really quickly, Kenyans will rise and say enough is enough.

RIP Comrade OCS


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