Kenyans Laughing to the Bank After Quitting Jobs

Ben Kiruthi and his wife Gathoni Kiruthi.
  • Quitting one’s job without a clear and elaborate plan is ill-advised, moreso at a time when hundreds of thousands are walking the streets in search of a job.

    However, there are instances in which some valiant individuals walked out of steady jobs in pursuit of their dreams at all costs.

    These Kenyans have gone on to establish themselves as game-changers in their respective fields.

    Below is a list of 5 such individuals and their remarkable stories that defined their lives.

    Ben Kiruthi and his wife Gathoni Kiruthi.

    Ben Kiruthi

    Most people don’t know that the award-winning Kenyan photographer is actually an engineer by profession.

    He started out making Ksh 30,000 at an engineering job after earning his degree.
    However, his heart was always angling towards photography which is what he led him to try it out as a side hustle every chance he got.

    Through YouTube tutorials. the budding photographer and his wife learned as much as they could before he finally decided to pursue it full time.

    The celebrity photographer currently makes 6 figures a month and has morphed into one of the most respected photographers in the industry, with continental awards part of his impressive catalogue.

    Wambui Mukenyi

    The renowned fashion designer who has dressed the likes of Kambua, Victoria Rubadiri to name but a few, actually started out as an accountant.

    A model showcasing Wambui Mukenyi's bridal collection 2015.
    A model showcasing Wambui Mukenyi’s bridal collection.

    Her love for luxurious fabric saw her dive into the fashion industry as a learning experience at first.

    However, after 2 years of crunching numbers at a local firm during the day and working on her sawing machine by night, she decided to quit her day job.

    In a recent interview, she revealed that this proved to be the best decision of her life as it opened up the door to her dreams.

    Kevin Kariuki

    His story is one of those ‘unbelievable’ ones.

    On one particular morning in 2014, the accountant by profession simply called it quits and embarked on his entrepreneurial journey.

    Armed with Ksh 4,500 as his seed capital, the young businessman started by buying vegetable upcountry and delivering them to the city.

    He then registered his first company (Blessed Basket) whose primary job was to deliver vegetables across the city. The rest is history.

    Kevin Kariuki.
    Kevin Kariuki.

    Kariuki soon branched out and opened up Kake Sounds, an event planning business.

    During an interview, he revealed that his business has grown to a point where he makes 6-figures on average each month.

    Lorna Rutto

    Hers is a story of triumph against seemingly insurmountable odds. Having grown up in the Kaptembwa Slums, Lorna learned to appreciate the little things in life.

    Despite her background, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting.

    However, growing up next to clogged drainages and waste ignited a passion in her for environmental conservation.

    Despite being in a stable banking job, she decided to call it quits and pursue her dream of starting something that would leave a lasting mark on the environment.

    This was how her firm -Eco Post, was birthed. She is currently raking in millions while saving the fragile environment at the same time.

    Lorna Rutto.
    Lorna Rutto.

    Eric Kinoti 

    Making the Forbes list aged 31 is a dream that most would pay to see come true. 

    Well, Kinoti did it 5 years ago and has seen his star shine even more since. What most people don’t know is that he actually started out as a cashier at a hotel in Malindi.

    However, having grown up within the set up of a family business, his entrepreneurial informal training pushed him to quit his job and start something by himself.

    He opted for the tent-making business which is how his company Shade System came into being.

    Currently, the company is in the ‘million dollar’ category with a presence in over 6 countries.

    He has won several awards both locally and internationally and is also a noted philanthropist.

    Eric Kinoti.
    Eric Kinoti