May 26, 2022
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani poses for a photo with the famous budget breif case outside parliament buildings on Thursday, April 7 ,2022..jpg (44
  • Julius Kamau, an activist who was arrested at Treasury buildings on April 7 has expressed disappointment with Kenyans who he accused of failing to heap pressure on the government to lower the cost of living. 

    Kamau was apprehended by the police for conducting demonstrations while Treasury CS, Ukur Yatani, prepared to read the budget for the 2022/23 financial year. 

    Speaking to on Saturday, April 9,  Kamau stated that he would have wished for many Kenyans to join the course and protest the high cost of living.

    The activist was the only protestor outside Yatani’s offices. He disclosed that he was released on April 8 evening after securing a police cash bail of Ksh5,000.

    Kamau called on Kenyans to emulate other nations whose citizens hold protests against oppressive policies adopted by the government.

    “It is not just a matter of coming to rescue me. I do it out of conviction. Kenyans are not joining in this course to hold our leaders to account. There is no desire to come together because you witnessed that I was alone. What if we came together as a people?

    “We would have done great and changed a lot in this country. I want Kenyans to pick that. It is about us,” he stated.

    Additionally, he refuted claims that he was being funded by political groups and international bodies. The activist stated that his drive to picket was aimed at bringing change to the country.

    “My desire is to see a change in this country. I was not very happy because I was arrested for expressing myself. It is a culture that must end in Kenya. It is not right that people are not allowed to speak out.

    Kamau noted that though his protests have not yielded many fruits, he believes that Kenyans will see the fruits of the protests in coming years.

    “I can say that we have not achieved much because Kenyans have not caught up with the idea.  In Sri Lanka, the church was involved in protests against the government. I thought Kenyans would come and we would form a movement,” he stated.

    Kamau has protested previously over the state of unemployment in the country among other issues affecting Kenyans.

    During the Thursday protest, Kamau lamented the high cost of living stating that many people were struggling to survive during the harsh economic times.

    “I am ready to die for freedom, I am ready to die for my people. I am ready to die for justice. We want food, we are hungry.”

    Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani poses for a photo with the famous budget briefcase outside parliament buildings on Thursday, April 7,2022.
    National Treasury

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