Kenyan Music gone to the dogs just like the shallow Radio presenters

Kenyan Music gone to the dogs just like the shallow Radio presenters

In my capacity as a seasoned music adjudicator, I will add my voice as fuel to the raging fire, ignited by one Maina Kageni, that radio presenters should decline to play Kenyan music, because most, aren’t worth it

In my judgment, I will begin by handing the radio presenters to the hangman. Most are shallow and hollow and will produce the sound of a flute if someome blows air on them

The Kenyan music went down to the dogs when some juvenile urchins took over the recording studios with genge and kapuka and lingala ya yesu rubbish

Instead of telling them off that this falls short of what would make music, the Kenyan media, created celebrities out of these idlers and this urged them on and on

It has taken Maina Kageni decades to notice these celebrities are actually stars made of clay feet and this indicts him more than the said “musicians”

You created them and you cannot pretend to disown them. That “music” has always been shit, which you cannot sanitize or cosmetise or spice up to look good, no matter how hard you try

The problem with the media is reigning ignorance. I’ve on several occassions seen even very senior TV presenters interview a musician as big as the South African Jazz maestro Hugh Masekela and what came out is the pathetic grasp of matters pertaining to music and arts in general, from the host

Standard Newspapers has a whole magazine on Fridays, dedicated to explicitly cover this bulshit. In ot you read all manner of rumours about these “superstars”. You hear of a musician who actually has one nursery rhymes, themed on nothing and without any live instrumentation for a song, being given a res of space

You get to read about his friends, his clothes,his favorite meals, his spouse, the school the spouse attended etc. This misleads the nation, especially the young who find it trendy to identify with musicians the media project as very celebrities

That is exactly how we got here and we must first identify the diseases, for this case the media, than treating the symptoms, musicians in this case

I will be back with a very harsh verdict on these musicians and the clueless studios that produce them

Keep vigil. In fact hanging them will be easy because we won’t look for any noise as the walk along with dog chains, also called bling bling on their necks

On the other hand, if Maina Kageni has finally seen the light on this, I hope soon enough he also sees the light to marry or risk having 21 thorn salute upon his death

When senior bachelors kick the bucket, 21 kai apple thorns must be nailed into their bare buttocks as a mandatory rite lest the bad omen haunts another family member

Great morning my fellow Southerners!!


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