August 11, 2022
Steel magnate Narendra Raval on Monday, February 17 made a bold prophesy concerning the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) that originated in China’s Wuhan province and has so far killed 1,170 people.

So far, there have been 70,548 confirmed Coronavirus infections in several countries around the world.

Raval, the founder of Devki Group, spent 12 years living in a temple in Kutch – Bhuj, India and has a deep knowledge of Hindu spirituality, including astrology and palm-reading.

Referencing astrology, Raval made a series of predictions on the virus, claiming that a cure for the Coronavirus would be found in China in exactly forty days. If Raval’s prediction proves correct, a cure will be discovered on Saturday, March 28.

Devki Group founder Narendra Raval (Right) chats with President Uhuru Kenyatta when he opened a cement plant in Kajiado in January 2018

Raval further claimed that the death toll could hit 2,800 by the begining of March. It currently stands at 1,170.

In addition, he predicted that by March 27, the Coronavirus outbreak would be effectively under control.

Finally, Raval prophesied that a preventive vaccine for Coronavirus would be found by May 2020 as he asked Kenyans to pray for all those affected.

“According to my Astrology, in exactly 40 days from today, China will be able to get a cure for the Coronavirus. Although the death toll may rise to 2800 between now and the beginning of March, all hope will be rekindled for there will be effective control of the spread of the disease by the 27th of March.

“A preventive vaccine will be ready by May. When we pray for China, we pray for the world,” Raval shared on Facebook.

The first Coronavirus infection in Africa was confirmed in Egypt on Friday, February 14.

Authorities in Kenya remain on high alert, particularly at ports of entry where visitors arriving in the country are screened.

Airlines including national carrier Kenya Airways have also cancelled direct flights to China over the virus.

At least 100 Kenyan students, however, remain stranded in Wuhan, the epicenter for the virus.

File photo of Devki Group founder Narendra Raval
File photo of Devki Group founder Narendra Raval

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