Kenyan artist Otile Brown buys a new mercedez Benz, shames ex lover Vera Sidika


Lover-boy and Kenyan Singer Otile Brown is now showing off his brand new mercedez Benz after he gifted himself ahead of his birthday which is in two months time.

The Singer got himself a brand new mercedez which ranges between 10- 15 Million in the Kenyan Market.

Otile had a few months ago been shamed by Vera Sidika for asking for a 500,000 Ksh loan to buy a car. Even though Vera Sidika revealed that it was such a turn off for a man to ask money from her and this counted as one of the their split, Otile later on managed to buy himself the car.
It has been about two months since the ‘new baby’ and this time he comes out to get even a bigger and better machine.

The singer hinted that it was his music that paid off for him to afford the Mercedez AMG.

Otile Brown took to Instagram to show his excitement as he encouraged his fans that everything is possible.

Another one 🙏 Everything is possible Fam .Thank you Lord ..Couldn’t wait for my birthday which is in 2 months time..had to gift my self an AMG .work hard , pray , stay humble and always know your worth 💯. New year Blessings. Am coming #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove#MyNewBaby #Samantha out on YouTube. Link on bio


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