Kenya Refunded Billions Spent By KDF In Somalia

KDF troops operating under AMISOM in Kuday - Somalia
  • The European Union (EU) and its partners have refunded Ksh5.6 billion to Kenya for Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops fighting Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia.

    The funds were paid through the African Union Peace Facility to the Defence ministry which later handed the monies to the National Treasury. 

    Kenya agreed to fund KDF operations in Somalia from the Exchequer and thereafter the Ministry of Defence would make refunds to the Treasury once they received money from the African Union.

    The funds covered allowances for troops and police, international and local civilian staff salaries, and operational costs of their offices.

    KDF troops operating under AMISOM in Kuday – Somalia

    In October 2011, Kenya sent 4,660 soldiers to Somalia after continuous attacks and kidnapping of civilians by Al-Shabaab militants within its territory.

    A year later, the UN Security Council allowed Kenya to join Amisom, a decision that meant the National Treasury would not fund the full costs of the mission.

    According to the East African, the money released in the final quarter of the financial year to June 2021 was higher than nearly Ksh3.35 billion in the last three quarters through March 2021.

    This comes months after it emerged that donor reimbursement to Kenya for its troops fighting Al-Shabaab militia in Somalia had been cut by Ksh4.9 billion in the new financial year starting July 2021.

    The grants are crucial in ensuring KDF members are facilitated to carry out their missions safely and effectively.

    This was a contrast to the previous year as cash reimbursed to Kenya for its troops fighting Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia for the year ended June 2020, increased by Ksh324 million.

    Conservative estimates showed that the international community pays Ksh112,052 every month for each soldier deployed in Somalia.

    Soldiers usually serve for one year which may be extended by a few months or cut short depending on the situation and hostilities across the border.

    KDF officers during a past operation
    KDF officers during a past operation.