August 12, 2022
Deputy President William Ruto (second right) with Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei

Mzee John Chesang, the father to the late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei on Saturday, March 7, confronted politician during his son’s burial in Nakuru County. 

Chesang urged politicians to reduce their salaries and promote struggling officers.

“Slash a part of your salaries and give police officers a decent pay. They go through so much whereas you lead lavish lives spending a lot of money.

“Some of those officers sleep hungry, some are dying, being shot dead and yet no one remembers them so I would urge you to reduce your salaries and help these officers get something small as well,” Chesang stated.


Deputy President William Ruto (second right) with Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei’s son (second left) in Nakuru County on Saturday, March 7, 2020

Citizen Digital

Chesang further urged the mourners to follow in the footsteps of the deceased, who helped members of the society diligently.

“I have faith that God will provide a person who has a heart similar to that of my son Kenei. 

“If you were involved in the murder in one way or the other, Kenei’s blood will haunt you,” he stated.

Further, he urged the media against breaking news before the family was in the know.

“Let us not just publish stories anyhow because we received Kenei’s death in the most absurd way. We did not know a thing, we just heard everything from the news,” he added. 

At the same time, Deputy President William Ruto, who attended the burial ceremony tributed Kenei as a great asset in his office, explaining that he never received any complaints about his work.

“There is no one time I received complaints from guests who were attended to by him. I can, therefore, say that without a doubt, he was an asset in my office. For that reason, it must be found out who, what and how he was murdered,” he stated.

Further, he promised all individuals involved in the murder of the sergeant would not go unpunished. 

“Let me tell you, al those who killed this boy because of any reason will not have any peace until we find them. Those who are running this scheme, let me tell you that unless you kill me, I am not going to back down because the country belongs to all of us… I already know some of their plans that are coming in my future,” he remarked.

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