August 20, 2022

Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei’s son eulogised his father at his burial ceremony in Nakuru County, on Saturday, March 7, in an event attended by Deputy President William Ruto and Labour CS Simon Chelugui, Kenei’s cousin. 

“Dad we have lost you, We love you unconditionally and forever. I will always cherish the time that we were together. You gave me the very best in life. For the last days you were around, you gave us memories that we will always hold on to.

“No matter where I am, your spirit will always shine and no matter what you will always be with me. I will miss you, dad, rest in peace,” Kenei’s son eulogised.


Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei’s coffin in Nakuru County, on Saturday, March 7, 2020


Before the ceremony commenced, the student met DP Ruto who was en route to holding talks with the rest of the family in a private meeting.

Kenei’s body was discovered on Thursday afternoon, February 20, at Villa Franca Estate in Imara Daima, Nairobi. 

Investigations are currently underway with Director of Criminal Investigations, George Kinoti, ruling out suicide while arguing that Kenei may have been murdered.

Ruto later mourned Kenei, recalling the last interaction with him. The DP disclosed that he met the sergeant for a briefing in his office over the meeting that former Sports CS Rashid Echesa had organized there.

“We met on Monday of the week that he was found murdered. That Monday, when I arrived at the office, I summoned the head of security as well as the person in charge of escort in that office. The two came into my office and I wanted to know what had taken place on the previous Thursday because that Monday was my first day at the office (since the meeting reportedly took place).

“The two briefed me about the occurrences and backed their claims with CCTV footage. Since Kenei had his colleagues in the same department, I called all three into my office and asked them what had transpired at the office and they told me,” Ruto revealed.

Kenei’s father, Mzee John Chesang, urged politicians to reduce their salaries and promote struggling officers while urging the DCI to ensure his son earned justice.

“Slash a part of your salaries and give police officers a decent pay. They go through so much whereas you lead lavish lives spending a lot of money.

“I have faith that God will provide a person who has a heart similar to that of my son Kenei. If you were involved in the murder in one way or the other, Kenei’s blood will haunt you,” he stated.


Deputy President William Ruto and the late Kenei's father Mzee John Chesang during the deceaased's burial on Saturday, March 7

Deputy President William Ruto and the late Kenei’s father Mzee John Chesang during the deceased’s burial on Saturday, March 7


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