KDF’s Quick Reaction Unit Lands in Congo

Soldiers of the Kenya Defense Forces
  • The Quick Reaction Force (QRF) unit of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) landed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Monday, August 9. The soldiers are expected to operate at the Mavivi base in Beni, DRC’s eastern region.

    The soldiers were deployed after President Uhuru Kenyatta and his DRC Felix Tshisekedi of DR Congo signed a deal in April – committing themselves to promote peace and security in the troubled but mineral-rich country. 

    The contingent will play a key role in the protection of civilians, provision of security to United Nations personnel as well as containing armed militia groups.

    This is to be conducted in line with the United Nations Security Council Resolution of 2020. 

    Soldiers of the Quick Reaction Forces (QRF) boarding a UN plane leaving for the Democratic Republic of Kenya on Monday, August 9.
    Kenya Defense Forces

    Speaking at the Embakasi Garrison, the Commander Kenya Army, Lieutenant General Walter Koipaton affirmed the troops’ adequate preparation.

    He clarified all aspects of the mission as per KDF and UN requirements. Koipaton confirmed that the forces were deployed to a mission that fell under Chapter Seven of the (United Nations) UN Security Council.

    “I know you are very capable because I have seen you train during my visit at the pre-deployment training grounds and you are ready for this mission. I have no doubt that we have trained you to the standards required as you join other contingents,†assured Lieutenant General Koipaton.

    Koipaton urged the troops to practise diligence in delivering their mandate and strictly observe the rules of engagement. This would enable them to remain a credible force just as their track records in previous missions exudes.

    He concluded his address by asking the troops to be proper Kenyan ambassadors, to cultivate good relations with the people of the Congo and collaborate as required contingents operating in the area.

    Besides socio-economic affairs, the duo deconstructed the surging cases of terrorism and violent extremism in Africa.

    The two heads of state proceeded to sign four framework cooperation agreements namely: Renewal of the Agreement of Maritime Freight Management, General Cooperation Agreement, Bilateral Security Cooperation Agreement and the Bilateral Security Agreement. 

    The latter two are the most pertinent to QRF’s peace mission since they were selected for the job on June 16.

    The Kenyan troops, led by Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Galgalo, have joined Tanzania, South Africa and Nepal to form the Force Intervention Brigade.

    Chief of Defence Forces Lieutenant General Robert Kariuki Kibochi.
    Chief of Defence Forces Lieutenant General Robert Kariuki Kibochi.