Kalenjin leaders declare war on Uhuru over 2022 promise, fake war on corruption

Kalenjin leaders declare war on Uhuru over 2022 promise, fake war on corruption

By Kamasasa E

DP Ruto’s foot soldiers in Rift Valley are busy chest thumping, insulting, rebuking and demeaning literally all senior leaders in the country from Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, Gideon Moi to Governor Joho.

Inside sources reveal that they have declared total war on Uhuru and Mt Kenya mafia adopting Raila’s 2014/2015/2016 strategy of revealing corruption networks associated with President Uhuru that have siphoned billions in kick backs especially on multi-billion infrastructure projects awarded to Chinese companies.

The expoze on Kenya Airways bid to take over Kenya Airports Authority was just a test run and more revelations are expected especially as to what exactly happened with Eurobond, the Port of Mombasa Dubai deal, Ruaraka Land scandal and the latest targeting ICT docket that is headed by Nyeri man CS Mucheru. They will also sex up the petition by lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi to smear dirty on the Judiciary.

Just before 2017 elections, they had trained their vices arsenal towards Raila, Musalia, Kalonzo, Wetangula and Governor Joho. They invested heavily in insulting these great sons of the soil who were the NASA luminaries. Whenever they opened their dirty mouths full of no less than 63 teeth a barrage of unprintable statements pour out.

After 2017 elections, the same leaders from that given corner of Kalenjin land have directed their energies towards Uhuru Kenyatta. They first started by hiding behind insulting Raila. It never worked. From late last week, they now bypassed the “excuse Raila”and are now directly hitting at Uhuru so hard, using all known name calling ways. All these statements are never made anywhere else but deep in their villages- Kalenjin nation. Even a governor who has not performed is now insulting the president. They have dropped their development agenda for their people. Their people now want Ruto presidency more than development. Sad!

Kalenjin leaders, excuse us. What are you trying to portray? Which picture are you trying to paint? All Kenyans can’t be wrong and think it’s only you guys who are right. This self entitlement is self defeating. You think you posses monopoly of vices and knowing it all?

What will you tell your locals when the whole nation unites against your political and economic hypocrisy? Mtaambia nini Wakale wenzenu? As a nation, we need to unite and fight this menace called corruption. Kenya is bleeding because of rampant corruption. Lets be honest atleast for ONCE!

And by the way, all the reported corruption cases affect Kalenjins directly, the fertiliser scandal, the Maize NCPB scandal and now the Arror and Kimwarer dams affect the locals directly, why are the Kalenjin leaders opposed to the war on corruption yet it is their people who were affected?


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