Kakamega Twin’s Mother Flees After Meeting Daughter’s Look-alike

Kakamega Twin's Mother Flees After Meeting Daughter's Look-alike

Rosemary Onyango, the mother of one of the two girls from Kakamega who closely resemble each other narrated what it felt like seeing her daughter’s look-alike for the first time

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV, she stated that she fled once she saw Sharon, her daughter’s suspected twin due to shock and disbelieve.

“Nikiona Sharon nilitoroka kwanza, roho ikatetemeka, nikatetemeka na tumbo yote…nilishindwa naenda kushika Sharon ama kushika Melon juu Melon alikuwa amekaa kwa kina Sharon Nairobi wiki moja wakishughulikia hii mambo. ( When I saw Sharon i ran away at first. My heart started pounding harder and felt butterflies in my stomach. I couldnt tell them apart because Melon had stayed with Sharon in Nairobi trying to solve this issue)

nikatoroka kwanza ndio wamama wakanishikilia wakaniambia karibisha watoto waingie kwa nyumba (When i fled, some women caught me and told me to welcome the children into the house)

It took some time for Rosemary to be able to tell the children apart after spending time with them. 

She suspected that the girls were separated while at the hospital after she gave birth. 

She told journalists that one of the girls was taken ill at birth and had to leave her at the hospital and would regularly visit to breastfeed. 

Angelina Omina who raised Sharon met Rosemary for the first time on Saturday as emotions filled the air. 

Pin drop silence engulfed the room as the two inched closer to each other – their daughters equally tense as they watched the reunion unfold.

They stared at each other momentarily before Rosemary opened her arms hugging Angelina, who instinctively reciprocated.

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The women, whose fates had been interlinked in the unlikeliest of scenarios, lingered in each other’s arms for a while, the moment too emotional for words, tears on the brim ready to gush out with the slightest provocation.


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