Jubilee 2013 rigging strategist Prof Olive Mugenda husband committed suicide over frustrations

SHOCK: Jubilee 2013 rigging strategist Prof Olive Mugenda husband committed suicide over frustrations

When a 66 year old university don, no less than a professor, leaps from the 6th floor, it can’t be that he is testing his sky diving skills, without any parachute

There must be an issue more weighty than that which scared Chinua Achebe’s toad to leap in a broad daylight

It is not everyday that someone of that calibre commits suicide

There could be more than meets the eye in Prof Mugenda’s death

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What I am saying will not make sense until you consider that Dr John Robert Ouko, the then Kenya’s foreign minister, blew his head off, by firing several shots from his revolver,returned it to it’s holster, then doused his 59 year old body with petrol, before finally setting himself ablaze

This was according to one Jason Ndaka Kavithi, a Cambodian who served in the position of a government pathologist

Julie Ward a British tourist on a safari in Maasai Mara was initially eaten by lions. When her father, declined to buy that lie, another theory was conceived

It was alleged that she got lost at night, while photographing wild beasts. She then lit fire to keep wild animals away. Later she decided to climb on a tree to be safe. It was from where she was perched that lightning struck her,throwing her body in the fire below

The last time I checked, the father had relocated to Kenya, to try and find the killers of his daughter and 30 years down the lane, he is yet to get any clue

Only rumours that someone from a prominent family with origins in the bandit prone areas may have extended his banditry to Maasai Mara

Don’t swallow these suicide theories, being peddled around, hook, line and sinker

A don will rarely tie and die

Great afternoon my fellow Southerners!!


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