May 28, 2022
Tuk Tuks operating in Mombasa County
  • Mombasa County, led by Governor Hassan Joho, wants to ban tuk tuks and matatus in a move aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. 

    On Friday, January 28, county officials stated that the administration is seeking to unveil a Bus Rapid Transit system as an alternative. 

    The county government noted that Tuk-Tuks and matatus were the main culprits of carbon emissions.

    Tuk Tuks operating in Mombasa County

    Statistics from the Kenya National Climate Strategy projects that 70 per cent of Mombasa City is likely to be submerged by the Indian Ocean whose level is increasing by 30 centimetres each year.

    This imminent threat attributed to global warming has prompted the county government to resort to drastic measures to reverse the degradation of the shoreline and secure the city’s ecosystem.

    Environment CEC Dr George Nato stated that the county is looking to reinforce areas that are likely to be affected by the sea level rise to avoid displacement of people.

    Dr Nato underlined that banning tuk tuk and matatus will aid in combating carbon emissions.

    He also encouraged Mombasa residents and tourists to embrace BRT buses in support of renewable energy.

    The tourism sector is highly affected by climate change as the ocean marine life is threatened with extinction following the bleaching and acidification of coral reefs.

    “Our coastal beaches are likely to be submerged or we are likely to have beach erosion and if that happens it affects tourism directly,” Dr Nato explained.

    “The areas where we have fish breading particularly in the mangrove will be affected and therefore fish stock is likely to go down,” he added.

    Through the enactment of the Mombasa County climate change police 2021, the administration hopes to enhance mitigation measures to contain the phenomena.

    Tuk tuk operators during a past protest
    Tuk tuk operators during a past protest

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