October 3, 2022
News anchor Jeff Koinange and President Uhuru Kenyatta lead St Marys School alumni in singing their alma mater

President Uhuru Kenyatta was privileged to reunite with his former school mates at St Marys School Nairobi during a reunion that was hosted by Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange in 2014. 

During the 75th anniversary of the school, President Uhuru expressed the relief the event brought him since it coincided with the collapse of his case at the ICC, where he had been accused of crimes against humanity. 

“Today is a special day for me. Celebrating 75 years of St Mary and my get-out-of-jail-free card,” he began.

News anchor Jeff Koinange (Left) and President Uhuru Kenyatta (2nd Right) lead St Marys School alumni in singing their alma mater’s anthem during the 75th anniversary of the institution.

He made a bold proclamation that he was the oldest alumnus of the school at the dinner, but Jeff joined others in challenging Uhuru’s claim.

The president went on the clarify that the person who the audience thought was the oldest, actually joined the institution a month after him. 

Uhuru recalled many fond memories in the school since he joined in standard three and left when he completed his studies in 1980.

“It made you be the best you can be,” the head of state described his alma mater adding, “I can say many things but I can see cameras and I’m scared of cameras.”

Political analyst Benji Ndolo, who is involved in the organisation of the reunion, disclosed to kenyagist.com that the alumni were planning the 80th anniversary of the school in October. 

“We want to do some very significant things for the next 20 years. Whereas some schools plan on an annual basis, we’re planning decade by decade. 

“We want to have a flying club, a rally club and 20 years is a very good time to be in important positions to make a difference,” Ndolo outlined.

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