August 19, 2022
Pastor Lai preaches in his JCC church.

The Jesus Celebration Center (JCC) in Mombasa went into a frenzy when the resident Bishop Wilfred Lai shared his sentiments on the BBI initiative.

In a video seen by, on Sunday, March 1, Bishop Lai informed the congregation that Kenyans were not divided per se, but rather because the divided leaders were using them to settle personal scores.

“Kenyans are united. We are only divided by our leaders. We do not fight one another until there are elections. The leaders should tell us what is wrong with them because they are the ones that make us fight.

“They are the ones that need BBI. They need to build bridges amongst themselves. We are together. We do not need bridges,” he stated.


Pastor Lai preaches in his JCC church.


The bishop further told the congregation that he had been approached more than once by individuals who wanted to know whether he supported the BBI report.

He replied that he had read the report, and while he liked what was contained therein, the general agenda and the direction that the initiative had undertaken was appalling.

“People say what they don’t mean and they mean what they do not say. If the document is what they are taking across the country, it would be a different story, but they are taking across this country the wrong thing, not what is written.

“They are telling us to read, but even if we read, so what? They are not telling us what is written there,” he added.

Lai further told the church that the proponents of the initiative were drumming up for the referendum to create positions for themselves and for tribal leaders already done with their terms.

He told the congregation that once the leaders had served their terms to completion they needed to step away from power and seek something else to do.

“If you have done two terms as a governor, go look for something else to do. Go home. Stop being selfish! This is not unity. You are overloading us who pay taxes with your selfish creation of positions. We say no to that,” he stated, to shouts of approval from the congregation.

He reiterated that the nation needed to find a means through which it would be united wholly and not along tribal lines as the leadership since independence has steered the population to tribal cocoons.

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