Jalang’o’s Deleted Instagram Posts That Sparked Outrage Online

Jalang'o's Deleted Instagram Posts That Sparked Outrage Online

Milele FM Presenter Jalang’o, on Thursday, found himself under fire over his unpopular opinion regarding the increased number of femicide cases, especially with University women.

Taking to Instagram in two separate posts, the media personality sought to advice young ladies over certain expectations men have when they decide to spend on them.

“I think it’s time we became honest with each other. Too many young beautiful girls are dying some of the saddest deaths you can’t wish for someone daughter! It is time we discussed this issue! Rule one! No man gives any woman anything for free! Yes I said it! Men can we tell them this!” he began.

He plainly stated, “So my sister before you take any money from any man just ask them what they want in return and if you can’t offer what they want return it! Simple, Do not promise what you can’t deliver.”

Jalang’o advised the ladies to live within their means and in the event they want to live the high-priced life they should be ready to pay the price.

“Before you take anyone one money and gifts, before he pays for your school fees and rent. Before you take the plane to that trip. Before you dress in that latest Gucci dress, before you carry that David Jones bag ask him what he wants. If you can give what he wants to go ahead if you can’t live the life your parents can afford! See you all the hardworking women at the top!” he posted.

In a rejoinder, Kiss TV presenter Adelle Onyango slammed Jalang’o’s post as ignorant and reckless. 

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“So we must adjust to tolerate murderers? Women have been murdered because of saying no (something they have the right to say at any moment) and you say this? 37 women since January killed – femicide and you say this. It’s exhausting – constantly being told to keep safe because men have decided to be killers!

“Don’t teach us how to avoid getting killed – tell them not to kill us, attack us, rape us,” she posted.

In response, Jalang’o clarified that he did not justify the killing of a woman in the event they refuse to accept what a man wants.

“I condemn the killings and the murders! But listen and listen again I repeat that before you accept those holidays, those pairs of Louis Vuitton‘s be very clear and ask them what they want, what’s in return! If you are ok with what they want to go ahead and enjoy all that it comes with but be ready to deliver your part!” he stated.

Jalang’o’s Instagram post

He further challenged Adelle to start talking and advising the young ladies out about work ethics, earning own money, hard work and being content with what they have.

Adelle on her part, relentlessly maintained that it was time for men to do better.

“The fact that you Jalang’o are asking women, to develop defense mechanisms for masculine behavior is just ludicrous!! Can you not see that? Why can it not be for once in my lifetime, that Men need to do better?

“Why not urge men to meet and band together, call out those with criminal behaviors, hold each other accountable?!! Instead of always advising women to band together and guide us on how to be safe? If men act better there is no need for this!” she posted.

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Screenshot of Adele Onyango’s post


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