October 3, 2022

So word has it that Jacquee Maribe has become suicidal and for the few weeks – shes been battling depression and flashing it down her system with some liquor.

This was revealed by a certain tabloid that has an insider in Maribe’s circle and according to the tabloid Maribe is currently living with her parents following her doctors orders – now that they think she is not stable enough.

Apparently her health started detoriariting in July after her publicized murder case where she is said to have helped ex-boyfriend Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, to murder businesswoman Monica Kimani was closed and awaits final ruling.

Jacquee Maribe reacts

Seeing that the possibility of the case going away is nil – Jacquee apparently has lost so much weight from the stress and not eating.

However now that tabloids are talking about her said situation – as expected Jacquee Maribe has come out to deny the allegations in a post where she wrote;

@Catewamaribe are we done laughing at fake blog posts and expert commentators we hydrate and mind our business and such deliveries?

Speaking to Nairobi News about the alleged suicide attempt, Jacquee Maribe said;

Suicide watch? Depression? By who? When? Why? I don’t even drink. I’m happy and healthy.But ni life, sasa watu wakitaka clicks tufanye? (But it is life, if people want clicks, what do we do?

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