It is the humility of Luyha nation that keeps Kenya moving, sample this…

It is the humility of Luyha nation that keeps Kenya moving, sample this…

By Imboko Tall


A Luhya already played in the European Champions League finals long time ago. Another one will play again this month.

But you will never hear we Luhyas make so much noise. One thing about Luhyas is their humility. We appreciate ours silently, keep our expectations modest and move on with life.

When a Luhya is appointed to a prominent position or achieves something big, I never hear Luhyas celebrate like it’s going to change their life.

I think other tribes have been disenfranchised so much since independence that any little achievement by their tribesmate becomes a community celebration and a source of bragging rights.

People say it’s because Luhyas are jealous and not united bla bla bla. But I think our self esteem as a community is more intact than others.

I have been to Luhya functions where there are Lunje celebs or prominent people. Rarely will you see even young Luhyas fighting for a selfie.

When I am out drinking with my Lunje friends and relatives, rarely will you see them take pictures of the various brands on display and share on social media.

But when we go upcountry we can gladly share photos of us drinking mlija, busaa or cham. We are simple people.

I think people put so much pride in this whole tribe thing because they have been deprived love at home. I know politically others laugh at us and say it does not help us but we have been there and we know.

We have had 3 DPs, an Attorney General and a judge on the SCOK and we know as a tribe it changes nothing. Bragging that the DP comes from your tribe does not change your life. Ask Tiaty residents.

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That is why Luhyas vote however they feel like.

But may be we have so much inside us emotionally that we never rely on what happens externally to boost our self esteem.

But other tribes can continue hanging on small stuff like one of their own leading in KCPE. If it helps them sleep well or prevent another suicide then great.

Sisi hatuna maringo ya kishenzi!


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