August 11, 2022
Many Kenyans expressed their disappointment at the aftermath of the road accident involving Cabinet Secretary Raphael Tuju and passengers who were on board a Nuclear Sacco matatu on Wednesday morning, February 12, arguing that much attention was given to Tuju as the other victims languished in pain.

On Friday, February 14, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko headed to such calls and relieved one Jane Muthoni after his rescue team visited her at Kijabe Hospital where she was recuperating.

Through his Facebook page, Sonko disclosed that he cleared Muthoni’s hospital bill after being requested by a gospel musician, one Liankey. The bill had amounted to over Ksh 200,000 as per the documents on the governor’s Facebook page.  

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko with Jane Muthoni at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital on Friday, February 14

“As we continue to pray for the Jubilee Party Secretary General CS Raphael Tuju, let us remember to pray for other victims of the accident among them Jane Muthoni. 

“I was contacted after Muthoni was discharged from Kijabe Hospital but was unable to leave due to pending payments. Through Sonko Rescue Team we helped clear the hospital bill,” Sonko informed. 

His team later transferred the accident victim to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital for better health care.

“We managed to get her discharged but she developed complications and my team transferred her to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital where she is undergoing further treatment. 

“On this Valentine’s Day, my family and I shared our love with patients at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital and we wish them quick recovery,” Sonko stated.

Sonko also visited 76-year-old Nathan Ambuti who cycled from Kakamega to Kabarak for the late former President Daniel arap Moi’s funeral, gifting him with a motorbike and posho mill machine. 

For CS Tuju, Jubilee Party on Friday, February 14, affirmed that he was under very good medical care administered by a team of specialists and nurses at the Karen Hospital.

Through communications director Albert Memusi, the party informed that the CS was responding well to treatment and expressed content with the level of services offered to him.

“He is responding well to the treatment and making good progress in his recuperation,” the statement by the party read in part.

Jane Muthoni, a victim in an accident involving CS Raphael Tuju, was rescued by Governor Mike Sonko's team
Jane Muthoni, a victim in an accident involving CS Raphael Tuju, was rescued by Governor Mike Sonko’s team

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