IG Joseph Boinnet Questions Prohet Owuor’s Security Detail

IG Joseph Boinnet Questions Prohet Owuor's Security Detail

The Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet on Saturday vowed to take action against officers, who assigned a security detail to the self-proclaimed prophet David Owuor.

It is reported that eight fully-occupied police vans with sirens and two motorcycle outriders accompanied the self-proclaimed prophet as he triumphantly entered Nakuru town on Friday.

Furthermore, a video footage seen by kenyagist.com capturing part of the event showed his procession, which included a convoy of more than 40 mid and high-end cars.

Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet

According to a statement issued to news editors, Boinnet claimed that the magisterial display of police protection during Prophet Owuor’s arrival in Nakuru was “inappropriate” and smelled of “misuse of public resources”.

“The law allows one to hire police for private functions; however, not to the scale depicted in the [Prophet Owuor] video. [I am assuring you that] action [is] being taken. Misuse of public resources is not permitted [in law],” the statement read in part.

It is alleged that the man of God was in Nakuru for an event which according to organizers, the preacher was going to “offer healing services” and “curse illnesses”.

Traffic flow within the Town was affected for hours as some of the streets were closed to give way for his entry.

In the meantime, his followers had lined up on the sides Kenyatta Avenue for hours patiently waiting for his arrival.

Unbothered with the heavy rains that afternoon, his supporters chose to sing and dance in excitement as the rains pounded on their heads and backs outside a Nakuru hotel, where Prophet Owuor was expected to be with his entourage for the next three days.

Faithful scrub street ahead of Owuor crusade in Nakuru

Upon arrival, Owuor addressed the cheerful gathering, recounting to them his past events and the ‘miracles’ he had performed.

The crusade, which is set to be held at the Menengai Grounds, Nakuru on December 29, 30 and 31, has been dubbed the “Mega Revival Meeting”.