IG Boinnet may be cursed if he targets Prophet Owuor over armed security

IG Boinnet may be cursed if he targets Prophet Owuor over armed security


Yes Dr David Owuor, the mighty Prophet of God had an elaborate security in Nakuru. If you have a problem with that, am sure wuod Luo paid for them handsomely and his money was received.

But why should the Inspector General of Police raise hullabaloos about Dr Owuor’s security while it has been the trend for years when he was in the same force?

Why should it even worry anyone?.

Some would opt to demean and belittle Dr Owuor with dirty epithets, rumours and taunts until they get demented!.

Abraham was a man of God. He had bodyguards protecting him..read the Bible!.

King David was a man of God. He had bodyguards and an army including a certain Abishai who came to his rescue when a giant from the lineage of the Philistines giants almost killed him ( read 2 Sam 21:15-17).

God planted a cherub and a flamming sword that could turn 360 degrees to guard the Garden of Eden. This is when Adam was chased out. Ask yourself this; God with all His Omnipresence and powers could have left the place unguarded, Not so??. Think!

Jesus picked only men as disciples both for spiritual deals and physical protection. This was deliberate. Its debatable. At one point, He instructed them to buy swords for protection..

Do not argue cheaply that God guides and protects. That God will not let his servants to fall in the hands of enemies. Human defence in religious ministry is necessary in case of disagreements WHICH IS BOUND TO OCCUR!.

Peter the disciple sliced someone’s ear to protect Jesus!. You remember?. Wasn’t this violence?. Jesus castigated him…

Jesus had enemies because he spoke the truth about Sabbath, religious rights, and tithes which the Pharisees and Sadducees were not comfortable with. Read Mat 21:45; 23:13.

In modern Christian ministry, we have today many “Pharisees and Sadducees” in our midst.

Therefore Men of God need physical protection for physical safety in case their lives as preachers may be in jeopardy.

As long as they do not harass people and use them strictly as rapid response force, the Bible allows it.

Don’t just heckle on this post. Produce Biblical references that oppose my view.

Thank you.

Ogunyo Thiringinyi


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