I will not condone mediocrity, no lavish Mombasa tours: Governor Ngilu warns MCAs

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Looks like its one woman against all in governor Charity Ngilu’s constituency as she has firmly vowed like former Jubilee Vice chair David Murathe she will not tolerate mediocre personalities in her team in her team.

The Kitui governor Charity Ngilu yesterday accused MCAs of undermining her government because she had refused to approve their lavish and luxurious retreats.

Ngilu said the MCAs had financially paralysed her administration by rejecting a supplementary budget presented to them last December because she had declined to take them for lavish and luxurious retreats to Mombasa.

Image result for images of Kitui MCAs
Kitui MCAs

“I will not take the MCAs for lavish meeting in Mombasa come what may,” Ngilu said.

She said MCAs had denied her administration money to mechanise agriculture and provide water to the people of Kitui.

She was speaking at the Mwingi AIC township church during the installation of the Mwingi area AIC Bishop Nicodemus Kituo.

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AIC Bishop Silas Yego

The ceremony was conducted by the AIC Kenya presiding Bishop Silas Yego. The MCAs did not attend except  Mwingi township ward representative Mary Kanini and three others.

The Kitui assembly, which has 54 MCAs, besides throwing out the supplementary budget citing corruption loopholes, impeached Ngilu’s finance executive Mary Nguli.

Well Homa Bay county for some time held the crown of MCAs drama, lets see if Kitui county can keep up or do you believe peace will be easily restored in the county?


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